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Time for a Mojo Injection by Jojo Fraser, Author and Motivational Speaker

‘Honest, moving and inspirational, Mummy JoJo shares her journey and lessons learned unflinchingly, to help motivate and mobilise the reader. A confident-boosting read I thoroughly enjoyed.’

Honest Mum aka Vicki Psarias

‘Jojo is the smiliest, most supportive, positive person I’ve met and the turnout today at the book launch was testament to that.  A fabulous party – great setting at Borthwick Castle, wonderful vibe and a sing – a -long to Greatest Showman.’

Kylie Reid – EGG

‘JoJo Fraser is an inspiration. This book tracks her highs and lows, in first-person narrative and letters, and offers guidance to readers in a series of useful toolkit summaries. What I found most engaging of all was that her integrity shines through on every page; she’s not afraid to share her flaws and vulnerabilities. I found myself rooting and cheering for her, and finished the book feeling inspired and energised. JoJo, you’re amazing!’

Author Angela Jackson

‘Ive been meaning to write a review on this book and felt it apt given that I’ve recently had a spell of feeling a bit challenged emotionally. I am reading it again to improve my mindset as it’s really brilliant for remembering to be positive, enjoy being myself and not getting too hung up on the little stuff. It’s a funny read as well. Highly recommended.’


Philippa Robson
‘I’m not normally one to gush over a book but this book is definitely the exception!
Jojo, the author, shares from her own journey with mental health and the day to day challenges we face in life such as ‘perfect mum’ and social media pressures. She writes with such honesty and compassion that you can’t help be encouraged and uplifted by what she says.
Each chapter comes with a toolkit with really practical advice and insights.
I sat down to read the first chapter and didn’t move until I’d finished the whole book. I definitely recommend you read this’
Jo Lee – Life Coach

Move over Botox, it’s time for a mojo injection. The road to finding it might be painful. It may sting like an actual syringe. I’m talking epidural style. We are going deep.

They say happiness looks beautiful. I have to agree. If the secret to happiness is common sense, then why have so many of us lost our mojo? Why are so many of us living smaller than life?

A happy soul glows but my mojo has taken a ride to gloomy town. I want to live a life I love. I want to tell the negative chatterbox in my head to DO ONE. It’s a constant daily battle.

Who wins? I decide. Sink or swim?



I made a choice that I would swim. I would be the champagne of the party, even when people try to piss all over my picnic. I would judge less, live more and create the greatest story of my life. You coming?

Like an epidural, as terrifying as this process can be – my mojo is back. People tend to notice these things before we do. It shows in our eyes.  I feel ready to share my journey with you now. It’s scary to let it go. I’m nervous, but now is the time to pass over … the mojo injection.

You can order my book on amazon here or waterstones here.

Also available in store at Waterstones, Edinburgh and The Restoration Yard

Jojo Fraser - author and motivational speaker Jojo Fraser - author and motivational speaker