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What everyone should remember this Valentine’s Day and every single day

  I used to think there was this Prince that was going to rescue me and make my life complete.  Sometimes I would think to myself ‘I wonder what he looks like, I wonder what…

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My new Scottish Mental Health book launches tomorrow – all about the times I screwed it right up

The book launch is tomorrow and it feels a little bit like the night before my wedding. All the messages are coming in thick and fast and I am feeling super thankful and excited.  I…

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How to get respect in 2018

Over the years I have watched people treat me with a lack of respect and sadly at times I have allowed it.  I like to cut people some slack and try and see things from…

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Crumbs on the bed: the perfect couple?

I suck at maths and my parking skills are questionable but in terms of emotional intelligence, I am often bang on.  I have this people radar.  My hubs is the same.  It was part of…

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Entrepreneur = relationship killer

I have written about relationship struggles over the festive period. It got picked up by Mumsnet.  A lot of people could relate to it.  My favourite line: “He suggested we take the Christmas decorations down on the…

My last piece about relationships got picked up by Mumsnet because it was so honest. Listen, time to keep it real. But first - breathe.

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