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Review – Paw Patrol Live comes to Edinburgh (We’ll be there on the double)

We had our only wedding of 2018 on Saturday.  What a perfect excuse to go all out and get the full pamper.  I’m talking hair, makeup, nails – the full works.  There was one small…

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Entrepreneur = relationship killer

I have written about relationship struggles over the festive period. It got picked up by Mumsnet.  A lot of people could relate to it.  My favourite line: “He suggested we take the Christmas decorations down on the…

My last piece about relationships got picked up by Mumsnet because it was so honest. Listen, time to keep it real. But first - breathe.

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Career Women = average Mum?

I recently heard a chap describe his wife as a “great Mum because she was happy to stay at home”.  My first feeling was guilt because I love the days I work.  Does that put…

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Are bloggers misunderstood?

I have spoken to a lot of bloggers over the past couple of years and a lot of critics.  There are SO many generalisations out there and I want to SMASH the shizzle out of…

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Screw perfection, embrace momentum

Ok we are reaching the halfway point of 2017, blink and you will miss it.  Were you one of those who hit the gym in January, man it was packed!  Then quit?  Did you have…

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