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Body Image – Uncut Conversations with Daniel Euan Henderson for Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 #BeBodyKind

This week is important, crazy important.  It’s important for you reading this, it’s important for our future generations, it’s important for everyone.  The theme for mental health awareness week 2019 is Body Image – how…

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Tips to cope with hormones, PMS and PMDD with reproductive health expert Georgie McCulloch

I am fascinated by our hormones and the impact that they have on us. Some examples –

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How to be happy and successful as a working Mum with Kylie Reid Founder of EGG

Over the weekend I put out podcast episode 32, which features the super inspirational Kylie Reid, the founder of EGG, formally known as Edinburgh Gossip Girls.  You can tune in here.  It’s hard to believe…

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