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The chat that blew my mind – need a mojo injection? Wow

This weeks podcast (episode 57) gave me SO MUCH to think about but most importantly it got me thinking about our dreams.  First off, do you know what you want? That’s a great start.  I…

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Why do people who ‘have it all’ get depression and anxiety ? Important questions I want you to think about

In chapter one of my first book, I discuss the fact that people who have a ‘great life’ on paper are not immune from depression and anxiety.  These mental health conditions do not discriminate.  As…

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Why mindset training is taking over good old fashioned hard work

Last week I recorded a powerful podcast (episode 45) all about our mindset and mental health with Kaye Taylor, co founder of SK Chase. I felt lighter at the end of it and Kaye’s soothing…

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