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The Sustainable Entrepreneurs who made me stop and really listen – Protect the planet and your time

A few months ago I was introduced to a couple via email called Céline and Zino, the founders of the sustainable and super portable ili laptop stand.  I had been informed that they are well…

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Luxury giveaway at my favourite Edinburgh Spa – Time for a screen detox Mojo Injection?

I write in my book about self-care being significantly underrated.  We need a small dose of it daily and sometimes we need to go all out and prioritise it for the majority of the day. …

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Bringing sexy back with essential oils – Mindfulness for the mojo

It’s Burns Day 2019 as I type, which means 11 years ago to this day, I met the man I would marry and have my babies with.  We met at a crowded and fun house…

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