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Psychology and Spirituality don’t need to exist in opposition

Thanks to @scottishdailyrecord for picking up my @tedx_official story and helping to raise awareness of hypomania. Now that I’m out the other side, I’m of the belief that psychology and spirituality don’t need to exist in opposition.  I…

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Meditation for people who are wary and find it hard

I adore meditation but it takes practise.  The first time I tried it a few years ago, my mind felt so busy.  I had too much to do, it felt indulgent.  Now I get why…

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Living a life you love – Growth Mindset and Adaptive Narcassim 

In my book, I write about the fact we can all be a wasp or a butterfly.  I feel so strongly about this, that I had two butterflies added to my 2018 shoulder tattoo.  I…

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