Podcast Episode 3 – Make 2nds Count – The truth about Secondary Breast Cancer

Podcast Episode 3 – Make 2nds Count – The truth about Secondary Breast Cancer

Recording episode 3 of the podcast blew me away for so many reasons.


Lisa and Euan Fleming are an incredible couple who had their lives torn apart in 2017 with the news that Lisa had cancer. The C word is hard enough but, on this occasion, it was a double blow – it was secondary breast cancer which tragically is currently incurable. A lot of us won’t be aware that secondary breast cancer is incurable nor will we be aware that the pink ribbon can be a really hard thing for the thousands of people currently living with secondary breast cancer. They don’t have the option of a fi-nal chemotherapy bell in hospital.

Lisa thinks she had the cancer for some time before it was detected which is why it had spread be-yond her breasts. The most common places that cancer spreads to are the lymph nodes, liver, lungs, bones, and brain. From the day that Lisa was diagnosed she knew that when she felt able, she wanted to start to raise awareness and funds to support research into secondary breast cancer. On average, only 5-9% of breast cancer funding is allocated to secondary research.
Make 2nds Count is an amazing new Scottish charity and it really is needed. Expect a lot of straight talking as usual in this episode and of course singing.
We talk cancer and mental health. We talk about the need for more education. For example – do you know the difference between incurable cancer and terminal cancer? I didn’t until very recently. We talk about family life and raising kids when you are living with cancer. We talk about friend-ships, support groups and alternative therapy such as reiki. We even get into how to set up a charity. What an incredible vision that Lisa had in hospital. Of course, there was a period of acceptance for Lisa, Euan and their closest family and friends. Acceptance is part of the process but we then have a choice in terms of what we do. I listened back to this podcast twice because I found it SO inspi-rational – especially the part about our inner warrier. Listening to Lisa and Euan puts SO much into perspective for me.

These guys are amazing singers and performers.  A highlight of 2018 for me was getting to be in the same room as them as they sang and performed together for the first time since the crushing news.  They light up a room and are full of mojo despite everything they are going through.  I am so glad I met these guys, they are unforgettable in so many ways and being in their company gives me a mega mojo boost.  I am learning so much from them both and I love their banter.  Of course, they have days they struggle, days that they need to shut the world out. But I am so proud of them for talking and sharing.  They have a passion to make a difference and they are already doing it – right now.

You can find the podcast on the podcast app/itunes here and here on acast.  Please keep the ratings coming so more people can find it.  I shall be planning a karaoke fundraiser to help raise more for Make 2nds Count.  Watch this space.


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