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Episode 5 – Mummy Jojo UNCUT, Time for a Mojo Injection with Jo Lee founder of Valour Coaching

Mojo injection - new podcast
Mummy JoJo
Episode 5 - Mummy Jojo UNCUT, Time for a Mojo Injection with Jo Lee founder of Valour Coaching




Thanks to Jo for this stunning MOJO candle X


I am putting Podcast Episode 5 live a little earlier than usual because I am off to sun it up in Croatia.  A much needed rest is essential.

This week features Jo Lee from Valour coaching.  She is SO inspirational and probably the least judgemental person I have ever met.  I bang on a lot about judging less and living more and Jo is an amazing example of this.  I really believe that when we are too quick to judge others, it pulls us away from our mojo.  I love the challenge Jo sets for us on this episode.  Try and go a day without judging anyone.  It is a serious game changer.

The past few weeks I have been exploring the topic of getting bad news.  Cancer is something that impacts so many of us and it has such a huge impact on our mental health.  It is still a taboo topic in many ways, I struggle to talk about it.  It is also important to remember that some people like to keep things very private, we all react differently.   When Jo wrote to me earlier this year, to tell me her story, I was so moved.

We talk about so much in less than an hour from the power of people, being vulnerable on social media and connected parenting in a sea of screens.  We talk about faith, we talk about mindfulness for those who have a faith in God.  Christian mindfulness is huge!  Perfect Mum (that voice I often talk about) comes into the mix and I have been challenged by Jo greatly.  Am I actually an introvert?  Maybe!

Jo Lee - Valour Coaching

Jo has great chat and she is a very wise gal.  I love her advice at the end, especially about parenting and relationships.  It is lovely to hear her getting lost in music too.  Full mojo all the way.  People often say to me

‘I can’t sing’ and my response is if you have a voice of course you can!  Two tracks for Jo today because I love watching her get lost in music, singing like nobody is listening.

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You can find out more about Jo Lee here. She really is a wonderful human and I am proud to know her and call her a friend.

Emma D from Forth Coaching, Jo Lee from Valour Coaching and Rachael Lynch from Beautiful Bairns Photography

Image by Vicki Watson Photography



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