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Episode 2 – Mummy Jojo UNCUT – Mojo injection with Beauty Creep

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Mummy JoJo
Episode 2 - Mummy Jojo UNCUT - Mojo injection with Beauty Creep

Episode two is now live and I am thrilled to have the lovely Erin Doogan from Beauty Creep as my next guest.  Erin is hilarious and so full of energy, she went viral across You Tube and millions have tuned into her lovely Scottish accent.  She is a breath of fresh air and talks so openly about issues such as anxiety, periods, hormones, crazy signs from the universe.  Together we sing a brilliant song of her choice at the end which gives me a serious mojo boost.  Thank you Erin, you are a wonderful person and I loved listening back to this chat.  Anxiety is in us all, know that you are not alone.  We even sneak in some top movie tips.  Small Print -the pervy ghost chat takes things to a whole new level.  Laughter is a great mojo injection.  x

If you have still to subscribe, you can find it on the Podcast app, Itunes and acast.  Take your pick.

Seriously though – What a week???!!!!  I still can’t believe all of the reviews and messages I have had already about this, I am blown away.  I have had messages from Australia, Canada, America, people have tuned into the podcast in Asia, Sweden, France! I have had SO much support from Scotland and across the UK.  This is a vision I feel SO strongly about.  It’s urgent.  We NEED to talk and be open because there are still way too many people suffering in silence.  The podcast is to make discussions about our issues normal and in terms of mojo – we always feel lighter at the end.  A few commented about the launch on Monday saying it was strange how the conversation between guests throughout the night was so open and so real.  People were talking about their issues.  There was no chat about the weather.  To know that the rawness of my podcast is already helping people share is an incredible feeling.  But there is still a lot of work to be done and a lot more noise to make.

I started this podcast having NO idea what I was doing in terms of editing, RSS feeds, how to set one up and record.  I had a message asking who my production team are.  I wish!  This is a DIY job with great help from Hubs on tech deck and my brother with the tunes.  As for me, I simply ordered a mic and bashed on from my kitchen table with some brutally honest chat and karaoke.  It has been time consuming, it has been hard work but I am loving it.

My friend Donal called me from Northern Ireland this week, after tuning in to Episode one.  He is a pro at all this stuff but his advice was simple –

‘You have inspirational, honest and funny content so it doesn’t matter if you are winging this, it’s the content that matters and the rest will fall into place’.

I have to agree.  It is the conversations we are having that matters – but yes I will figure out how to record on skype and set up another mic at some point.  This is just the start of a very important journey.  Thanks so much for joining me and please continue to help me spread the word.




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