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Episode 1 – Mummy Jojo UNCUT – Mojo injection – Meet The Family

Jojo Fraser - author, motivational speaker and podcaster
Mummy JoJo
Episode 1 - Mummy Jojo UNCUT - Mojo injection - Meet The Family

Hi guys,

I am delighted to be officially launching my Scottish podcast, Mummy Jojo UNCUT, Mojo injection, on the 4th of June.  The book shall be published shortly after on 18th of August.

The podcast will involve some unashamedly uncensored discussions around lifestyle and mental health, with a desire to continue to smash the stigma of many taboo topics.  Whilst the mental health stats can be terrifying, things are changing.  We have an incredible community of charities, bloggers and public figures in the UK who are working hard to shake our stiff upper lip culture.  I feel extremely honoured to be part of that community.

Episode 1 comes with a bit of a twist and is a little more uncut than the others (the kids hop on to say hello too).  It will show me talking very openly to my Hubs about a number of men’s mental health issues, including the time he struggled with a gambling addiction.  We also talk relationships, 7 year itch (which is coming our way this September) and juggling family life.  All podcast episodes finish off with some karaoke singing because at Mummy Jojo, even though we cover some very serious topics, we love to  have fun and not take ourselves too seriously.

I am so proud of the bloggers, life coaches, public figures, vloggers and amazing mental health ambassadors who feature in series one.  I have loved every single discussion.  There has been tears but there has also been so much laughter and learning.  We always feel a bit lighter at the end, it’s a little bit like therapy.  Except we share it with anyone who wants to listen.

Wagamama Edinburgh are partnering up with me to do a range of mojo mindfulness events.  I am delighted that they are sponsoring my podcast launch early next week.  Guests will get to hear some podcast snippets mixed into some of my favourite tunes on the night.  I shall also be giving a quick talk, along with Wagamama who will cover mindful eating.  It is the ideal place for this as mindful eating is something I have struggled with over the years and Wagamama is the first place I made the effort to use chopsticks, after some persuasion from my brother.  It is great to see a national brand take a positive approach to eating and mindfulness.  I initially started speaking to them after visiting with my family, after which they offered my father who is hard of sight a brail menu and from there our mutual approach to all things mindful just flowed; it felt like a natural partnership”.

I want to thank everyone who has ever encouraged me in all the work I am doing, it feels amazing and I never ever take it for granted.

If you would like to come on the podcast, please drop me a message at



New podcast - Mummy Jojo Uncut - Mojo injection


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