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Book Launching August 18th 

Mummy Jojo UNCUT, The mojo injection, is a refreshingly honest, heart-warmingly funny, take of the highs and lows of relationships, goals, parenthood, work and family life. Set in the stunning city of Edinburgh, Scotland, join Mummy Jojo on her journey with battling anxiety and finding her brightest mojo and her unique take on life will have you laughing, crying and everything in between. 

‘I am not here to ram statistics down your throat, we know those are shocking and I want to make you feel better not worse.  I am here to keep it very real.  I am here to talk about day to day life and the issues that all of us face.  Call it ‘mental health reality tv’.  It’s so important to share.

The state of being happy is a very personal thing.  We are all on a journey and we are all mentally fragile. Our anxiety and stress levels can fluctuate like the stock market.  Even the happiest of people need a toolkit.  I see self-development as part of my daily ‘to do’ list.  It is very easy to slip back into old habits but living in full mojo feels so much better.  An eye sparkling kind of mojo.

Move over botox, I need a mojo injection.  The road to finding it might be painful.  It may sting like an actual syringe.  I’m talking epidural style.  We are going deep but it’s not something we should feel scared about.  It’s time to normalise discussions about our minds.  It’s time to make the self-help section bigger and cooler.  Move it to the front of the shop, the top of the amazon chart and let’s get google interested too.  It’s time for more voices, more love, more passion for living as large as life can be.  It’s time to make wellness and this thing called happiness interesting, real and relatable.  Less facts and figures, more real-life examples.  It’s time to stop making positive people that the world REALLY NEEDS feeling weird and ‘too large’ for life.  There is no such thing.  It is time to shake things up in a big way.

Find your brightest mojo and let those eyes light up.  Feel so much lighter.  You coming for the ride?

‘Cause every night I lie in bed
The brightest colours fill my head
A million dreams are keeping me awake
I think of what the world could be
A vision of the one I see
A million dreams is all it’s gonna take
A million dreams for the world we’re gonna make’

The Greatest Showman 

Bonnie and I sing this song like we mean every single word.  Cos we actually do.  Young kids are magical.  They remind us to really live each day like it is our last.  I have a huge vision.  A vision that one day soon it will be normal to talk openly about mental health and our struggles.  A vision that we will learn to start judging less and living more.  This starts with being kinder to ourselves.

Mojo injection

‘ Jojo – when I say quite emotional I have been crying for about 10 minutes! As well as being completely honest, passionate and inspirational to all who will read … this book has spoken to me in a lot of ways. ‘

ANON but a true legend

‘Jojo Fraser is someone who doesn’t live by the boundaries of keeping a stiff upper lip.  She is tackling mental health issues face-on with a heck of a lot of courage.’

Evening News


‘Jojo is passionate about raising awareness of mental health issues and the benefits of running and exercise.’

Women’s running magazine


Please stay and hold my hand – It’s just amazing’

Blurt Foundation


‘What you see is what you get with Jojo – always’

Arthur (the legend who the book is dedicated to)


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