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Lifestyle and wellness blogger, author and speaker

Image by Rachel from Beautiful Bairns Photography

I love to share my passions here on the blog and across social media and of course stories – I LOVE STORIES! This includes shouting about wonderful places, food, brands and people.  Here is the twist – I always put the words lifestyle and wellness together.  They are my tea and toast or coffee and dark chocolate.  I never take my mental health for granted and neither should you.

I am currently the number 1 wellness and mental health blogger in Edinburgh and Scotland (according to Google organic search, cheers my old friend).  I have been able to reach out to thousands of people and my vision is for my writing, speaking and podcast to reach thousands more.  I really believe in the work I do and I believe in the magic in people.

I’ve been a mental health ambassador for the past 4 years with no intention of stopping. I’m quite frankly blown away by the power of social media. I’m blown away that people struggling with issues such as stress, insecure thoughts, anxiety and extreme depression write to me to tell me I am helping them smile. I love people and I love deep and honest conversation. I have always believed that we need to feel heard. We need to be given a voice. We need to be encouraged to share. This was the reason I launched my blog, book and podcast.

My desire is for this to be a safe place where you laugh and hopefully smile in agreement.  We don’t shy away from tears either here.  Thanks for being here and I hope you enjoy all of this free content.