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About Jojo Fraser aka Mummy Jojo

“Jojo Fraser is someone who doesn’t live by the boundaries of keeping a stiff upper lip”

Evening News

‘Passionate and determined to share her knowledge’

Daily Record

‘An expert at helping you find your mojo’

Sunday Post

“Refreshingly honest and heartwarmingly funny”

Scottish Widows 

‘Jojo is amazing, you will laugh and you will cry’

Arlene Forth Radio



Woman of Inspiration award, Jojo Fraser

Jojo Fraser is a motivational writer, speaker and presenter who helps people get their mojo back.  She has been a mental health researcher for over 8 years and loves to put an entertaining spin on things, making topics around wellness, lifestyle and mental health current, accessible and relatable.  She has been awarded a “WOMAN OF INSPIRATION AWARD” in the 2019 honour list by the Association of Scottish business women.

Jojo has been a reliable speaker on BBC Radio Scotland for 5 years.  She has spoken on BBC Scotland Sunday morning as a wellness expert, on drive time and has been a regular speaker on the morning show and the Bad Parents Club comedy panel. 

She runs Scotland’s popular wellness blog, ‘Mummy Jojo’.  She is a level 3 qualified mental health first aider and has trained in mindfulness, Wim Hof breathing and cold water therapy.  She is often collaborating with industry experts and her book ‘Mummy Jojo Uncut, Time for a Mojo Injection is full of toolkits which have been used by many mental health professionals and wellness coaches.  Jojo is part of the Speaker Buzz team. 

She has extensive experience of chatting with people on live stages.  In June 2018, she launched her podcast which was sponsored by Wagamama – Jojo Fraser, Time for a Mojo Injection.  This now has regular followers across the globe, with a strong following in Scotland. Her interviewing style is relaxed and fun. 

Jojo has a background in acting and performing and a Masters in Business and Marketing.  She spent 10 years working in PR, Marketing and Sales, entertaining many clients as an Account Manager for both agency and luxury hotels.  She was also asked to write motivational training sessions for staff which she produced and delivered.

She appeared on various stages as she kept up her love of performing.  After a career break travelling around the world, she started blogging again and doing some freelance writing and acting work in films for big brands. She also produces lots of vlogs. 

In 2014, her Dad was hospitalised with severe depression.  This prompted Jojo to begin her research and to smash the stigma around mental health.  In 2016 she ran her first marathon and was the ambassador and official starter for The Edinburgh Marathon Festival. She worked in collaboration with The Mental Health Foundation and raised over £7000 for the charity.  She also worked as an ambassador for David Lloyd.

She is married with a daughter (11) and a son (9) and lives in Scotland.

To follow a snapshop of what Jojo is up to,  you can follow her daily stories and posts across social media.


Scottish wellbeing author and blogger Jojo Fraser




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