“Jojo Fraser is someone who doesn’t live by the boundaries of keeping a stiff upper lip”

Evening News

“Refreshingly honest and heartwarmingly funny”

Scottish Widows 

“Can we Clone Mummy Jojo and have her in Glasgow too”

David Lloyd

Well hello!  I’m Jojo.  I have two kids, Bonnie and Charlie and am known for occasionally writing about ‘hubs’.  Thankfully he’s not phased in the slightest by how honest I am.  I don’t do anything but straight talking.  To follow a snapshop of this then check out my daily stories and posts on Instagram.

I have loved writing and performing since I was a little girl.  I was all geared up for acting school and changed my mind at the last minute.  I have a Masters in Marketing Management and over 12 years experience in marketing, sales and copywriting.   The drama skills are coming back through vlogging – a huge passion of mine.  I love to entertain through creative vlogging and writing  with a twist.

“Your vlogs and blogs have helped me so much.  I suffer with post natal depression and they help me laugh”.

I love food and fizz, spa and pampering, music, fitness and being in the water.  Ideally in an infinity pool overlooking the ocean with a sunset view and a cocktail bar.

I am very open minded, it takes a lot to shock me.  Tell me anything, I won’t be phased.

I love tackling a taboo topic and smashing the stigma associated with our stiff upper lip culture.  Things are getting better but we have a lot of work to do.  I like to have fun with my work, whilst ensuring I leave a lasting impact.

In terms of reviews: I will only write about products or services and experiences that really excite me.  If I am passionate about something, often and most importantly, the people behind the brand, I will put my heart and soul into ensuring my readers know about it.

I love meeting new people and embracing exciting opportunities.  Please drop me a line (mummyjojoblog@gmail.com) and most importantly -enjoy all of this free content on my website.  My wish is that it gives you some kind of mojo injection.  There is something for everyone #mojoinjection.





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