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Interesting questions to get to know someone

Interesting questions to get to know someone
I try my best not to doom scroll but sometimes I just love to have a wee nosy.  Take for example the questions that pop up on Threads.  The comments can be really entertaining and I like seeing a good debate.  Although I had to laugh when I saw someone had written:
This is a safe space.  How many people have you slept with?
A public forum is a safe space, yeah right.  A bit of a creepy question too of course but I can’t say I was shocked.
If you need some conversation starters then feel free to use some of these.

If the 90s had a smell, what would it be ?
To name a few – the smell of pee in the phone box (80’s too of course) which I think I would now find pretty comforting as it reminds me of childhood and lots of playing.  Must go find a phone box and have a good nostalgic sniff.
CK One or So perfume, coconut milk shampoo or Ananya, White Musk or Dewberry from the Body Shop.  Peach schnapps and Lemonade or Malibu and Coke.
Instagram – love or hate?
I used to love it but over the years it has changed a lot. I was also hacked so I lost all of the content I had made.  I was more upset about losing the content and memories than I was losing over 5k followers.  To me it was always about freedom to create and to share and connect.  I refuse to make reels with trending songs that I don’t like, even if it does mean way more engagement.  As far as I’m concerned the algorithm can piss off.  Algorithms are the middle finger up to creativity.  You are the algorithm.
I will always be passionate about having fun and creating stuff that people might just relate to.  Life can get lonely but words can unite us and make us feel something.  We are here to connect and share.
What do you call the end piece of bread ? 
Butt Bread.  Jokes, I stole that off the internet.  I call it the heel or crusts.  I am not keen on a heel sandwich and I leave my crusts.  Always.
An inspiring mantra? 
Silence and shame can feed the mind but we should be more interested in feeding the soul.
What’s the first thing you would do if you only had a month to live?
After some mega, non stingy hugs and tears, I would spend some time writing the kids’ future birthday cards and Christmas cards until they were 60 years old, longer if I could find the energy.
Writing notes has always been a big part of my life and I love seeing my daughter follow suit.  She leaves welcome notes when her friends come for sleepovers.  Back in early 2019, I went to Dubai for 5 nights.  I was so nervous as it was the longest I would be leaving the kids and I felt a bit sick about it. So I prepared them little notes for every night I was away and treasure hunts around the house with different gifts.  This kind of stuff is my joy.
What is something you wish more people knew?
Many amazing people get lost.  Mental illness is not bad behaviour or a lifestyle choice.  In the past I have made things about me and my ego, taking things personally when I should have been more compassionate instead.  True empathy is not the capacity to feel what another person feels.  It is the capacity to sit with a person and feel something that is not about you. People just need love and non judgemental ears to help them get back on the right path.  I think our culture of ‘cutting people out’ and ‘ghosting’ is so toxic.  Yes, we need to protect our health but we also need to be brave, humble and forgiving.
When did you last feel disappointed?
I have been introducing the kids to movies I loved when I was younger.  They have fully embraced the likes of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Twins, Mannequin, Home Alone (ovbs) and even Titanic.  My son was 8 when he sat and watched the entire 3.5 hour film with me which was a dream.  Last week we tried out Innerspace and they just couldn’t get into it.  I assumed they would love it but they felt it was a bit slow.  I will be honest, I kind of got what they were saying.  The 10 year old version of me would be raging.
When was the last time you cried?
Hugging my big bro during his marathon run last weekend.  Emotional wreck, these days get me big style.  Check out my latest podcast, miles.
Biggest dreams for 2024
I have just achieved one of them.  Get through May in one piece.  May 2022 and 2023 were off the charts bonkers, crazy.  I am thankful to be much stronger now.  I was told earlier I am thriving and flourishing but I think I have still got a way to go and that is okay.
Do you check to see who has viewed your stories?
I can’t see who views my Facebook public page stories because it is mainly people I am not facebook friends with who view.  I do see how many see them though and it is always higher than I would guess. I sometimes check my Instagram but a lot of the time I post and then forget about it.  I think if I felt the need to check all the time I wouldn’t post at all as it would do my head in.  I used to do a lot of brand work and that felt different, there was a pressure because someone was paying me for results.
When you were a teenager, what did romance mean?
Making someone a cassette of mixed tunes I thought they would love.
What fictional character’s death have you still not gotten over?
Leo in Titanic of course and Brodie in Homeland – devastated.
What is the friendliest country you have visited?
I have to say 3 places but there are many more.  Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore.  Earth angels.
What’s more important in life: excitement or stability?

Right now stability is everything.  I cherish it.  Every day is special.  But I believe we can have both.  Some of us just need tools to help us get the perfect mix of the two.  Time helps too.


You got this, we got this x


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