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Gran’s Chicken Rice – an easy, tasty and healthy dinner for all the family

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I think it’s great to have those easy, crowd pleaser dishes to go to when life feels busy.  This is a classic, made by my Mum.  It can be cooked in a big pot and it is always hoovered up.  I love the way that my mum always manages to come up with recipes that are packed full of vegetables.

Shopping List




Chicken breasts

A packet of cooked prawns

A bag of frozen peas


A bag of green beans.

A couple of courgettes.

Gran’s Chicken Rice

Chop a few carrots, a couple of onions and some celery into small pieces (these 3 are a winning base combination when making a tasty sauce).  Stick them in a pan with some olive oil and cook down slowly.  Add chopped chicken breasts and stir.  Once the chicken is cooked, add in a few cups of easy cook rice.  Add some chicken or vegetable stock of your choice and if you like a dash of white wine or sherry.  Throw in some frozen peas.  Cook down for 10 minutes, stiring when needed.  Add a bag of cooked prawns and stir through to warm them up.  You can add herbs or spices of your choice to the rice.  Serve with a wedge of lemon.  This dish goes great with some steamed green beans and roasted courgette. I think it would be nice with some beetroot on the side.

This dish can be made Vegan as there is plenty of flavour from the veggies alone.

Dig in and enjoy.


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