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Important reminders as we slow down for Christmas

Jojo Fraser - wellness blogger
I am sure I am not alone when I say that I really enjoy taking time to slow down and reflect as we turn on the festive lights and start to embrace the season to be jolly.  Here are a few of my thoughts that I hope you find of comfort.

Loving yourself so you don’t lose yourself is so hard.  Sometimes we need to be brave and have difficult conversations.  We MUST remember that nobody knows us better than we know ourselves.  Some will try and put their opinion on you, some may gossip behind your back.  Keep your head up, take time to know your values and hold onto them tight.  Take time to get still, ditch books for music and give yourself permission to sit with a beautiful melody.  Borrow lyrics when you have no words.

Your mental wellness has to come before your job, relationships, hopes and dreams.

We all go through pain and suffering.  But if you can use this time to really go wild on your self care plan, you will have a solid foundation.  Practise gratitude when you feel like crying.  Even if that means being thankful for tears.  Tears are healing, they are beautiful and they show that you care.

Words are very easy but it is actions that count.

You deserve a healthy relationship that is good for your nervous system and that allows you to sleep peacefully at night.

If you stop sleeping peacefully then get help as soon as possible.  A lack of sleep can send us crazy.

Some life events are SO BIG  that they will change you.  Not everyone can come with you.  Don’t numb or shrink yourself to go back to the version of you that you have outgrown.

Unconditional love does not mean unconditional tolerance.

Some people will judge you for changing and others will celebrate you for growing. Choose your circle carefully.

You will meet some people who you instantly feel a bright beaming light.  They radiate it and they feel magnetic.  No matter what you are going through, when you are with them you laugh and get so much from their energy.  Your energy matches and it is natural and beautiful.  Make more time to enjoy time together.  This will light up your soul.

When you step out of yourself to please others, you lose the path back to yourself.  Never lose sight of who you are.

Try prayer, meditation or getting still in nature.  Our spiritual health is so important.

Not all storms come to cause havoc, some come to clear our path.

It’s not how big the house is, it is how happy the home is.  A home is meant to be somewhere that you laugh, dance, sing, relax, entertain and feel safe.

Sometimes in life we need to do what needs to be done even when we really don’t want to do it.  Go easy on yourself.

Some days you won’t have a song.  Sing anyway.

Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world.  Be brave and go shine bright.  Be that beautiful freak that you KNOW is in there.

When you FINALLY realise your worth, the game will change.  Loving yourself can be so hard but it is what allows us to recharge our energy.

You can close your eyes to the things you don’t want to see.  Turn that news off if it is making you cry.  But you can’t turn your heart off to the things you don’t want to feel.  Feel your way through life.

The most stunning thing in the world is watching the light come back on in a person’s eyes when they have been lost in the dark for so long.

There are amazing places you haven’t been where you already belong.  Never stop dreaming.

It’s okay to listen to your favourite song over and over on repeat.

When children feel happy, they behave better.  Shame is toxic. More love, less shame and blame.

People are going to judge so you may as well be judged for being what is real. Reveal yourself.

Once you have been in the dark, you learn to appreciate everything that shines.

I adore the people who are still kind even when the world tore them apart. Hold onto them tight.

Don’t be afraid of what could go wrong and start getting excited for what could go right.

Express yourself through clothes, makeup, art, music, dance ….. anything.  Just don’t suppress.  We are creative spirit animals.

STOP blaming yourself for things that are NOT your fault.

If there is even a slight chance of getting something that will make you happy, risk it.  Life is too short and happiness is too rare.

Some days you will wear a cape and others you will hide from the world in a fluffy onesie watching movies.  That is perfectly okay!

Hang out with people who make you want to put your phone away.

You know you have a big heart when you feel bad for doing what’s best for you.

Often the most amazing moments in life come at a cost.  Like being brave enough to share how you really feel and who you are.

How you look is the least interesting thing about you.

It’s cold outside so don’t be a stingy hugger.

All my love,

Jojo x

Jojo Fraser - scottish presenter and blogger

Jojo Fraser is an award-winning mental health researcher, author, podcaster and keynote speaker, dubbed as ‘the Queen of positivity and a kindness advocate.   She is a Tedx speaker and a regular contributor on BBC radio.  Jojo is known for normalising discussions around our mental and spiritual health, making it accessible and relatable to all.  She has quickly grown a reputation for having a huge impact even on the most sceptical of people.

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