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Thoughts for my son on his 8th birthday

Jojo and Charlie Fraser

I started writing a song for my son last month.  It goes like this:

If you spill a drink on the carpet, I’ll just smile and grin

and when you want an ice lolly, I’ll have the freezer full to the brim.

Because you give me something, I feel it each time you smile,

Oh my darling, the love you bring, just sit with me for a while.

I know you are a big feeler, with a heart that’s full of gold,

but I just want to tell you, your laugh will never get old.

As I wrote these lyrics on a rainy morning in Greece, it got me thinking. We place far too much emphasis on Maths and English and not enough on emotional intelligence, empathy and a sense of humour.  These things are essential life skills that we should do our very best to encourage and help nurture.

Which qualities will never grow old in those you love?  I am obsessed with reminding Charlie that he should focus on how he wants to stay, not what he needs to ‘become’. Kids need to hear this.  So my challenge to you is to write them all out.  Then read them to your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, friends, pupils.  I am that parent who checks the wellness section first in the report card.  At parents evenings, I like to ask about how the kids work in a team, what aspects of their personality the teacher has noticed which are helping them or holding them back.

I always feel a bit gushy on the kids’ birthdays.  So on that note, I will share some of my list.  Enjoy writing yours x

Charlie, I hope you stay cheeky and fun.

I pray you keep that amazing big smile.

I hope you keep that lovely lighthearted nature that makes you such a joy to be around.

Keep giving those amazing hugs.

Keep that gentle spirit and kindness.

Stay so funny and keep playing as hard.

Keep enjoying ice lollies, even in the winter, they are an all year must.

Stay the easily pleased dude who is so content.

Continue to love your family and friends.

You are great at entertaining yourself, continue to embrace your passions.

I love how simple you are, down for whatever.

You have incredible manners and love holding the door open for people wherever you go.  Never lose this.

I am so thankful to be your Mum.

Your laugh and smile will never ever grow old.  I love you millions and billions.

Mummy Jojo x x




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