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Guardian angels – processing experiences with the spiritual world for peace of mind

Guardian Angels
I have always been so curious and open minded about the spiritual world but none more so than over the last few years.  I think it was a number of things that inspired me.  One was a serious wake up call of suppressed emotions after a beautiful church service.  I sat and cried my eyes out.  I was so thankful for the clarity in such a spiritual place.  It was like I could feel angels all around me.  I have often had this after meditation sessions too, whilst in cold water, under the sky and on a beach.  

I have gone through a few very challenging moments over the years as I continue to work on being my most present, awake and authentic self.  I thought I was pretty real before, but there are some mind blowing things that have happened with my spiritual health which have changed me forever.  In the best possible way.  Do I find it easy to talk about?  It depends who I am talking to.  We can only meet people where they are at.  I wouldn’t sit talking to one of my vegan friends about a nice ribeye steak, one must know their audience.  But something that has REALLY got to me is that guardian angels may come to you when you least expect it.  They may even tell you their names and why they chose you.  Some of the experiences I have had have brought the biggest sense of inner peace and joy, even when ‘life issues’ have still been going on around me.  Sometimes it has been so intense that I get goose pimples all up and down my body.

I was dancing under the sky last night and I knew one of my guardian angels was watching and sending down some calming vibes.  The cloud pattern of their face was so real and I felt so connected and content in that moment.  It was pure magic.  Sometimes when I sleep, I can feel angels in the room with me.  Last week I let my son have a sleepover with me.  He was wriggling a bit and stealing the sheets but I just felt this gorgeous lightness over the room.  I knew I would be a little tired the next morning but I felt safe and secure.

I often ask for signs, angels love to send the ones that can improve our life as well as simple reminders of their supernatural love. I am huge on using music to connect to the supernatural world. Angels often use music to reach us.  I have had so many songs sent to me in various ways.  Sometimes the message comes with the song or artist, and other times the message is in the lyrics. Many of my podcast guests have shared songs that played on the radio just when they needed them.  Films and art have the same power, one of the huge reasons that I wrote one and I love writing songs too.

Why not dedicate a song to your guardian angel (s) and this song can become their calling card?  I have had WOW moments with music and I just have to smile and say a little thank you.  I have also written letters or words a lot and asked for signs of which direction to go.  Sometimes we get help which comes to us as insightful thoughts, a strong sense of knowing, visions, and dreams.  I have often had new opportunities and people suddenly entering my life who I believe were sent by my angels.

It’s pretty mind blowing stuff but I would encourage you just to go with it.  We are spiritual beings, here to have an absolute ball and live a fully aligned, abundant life, full of love and FUN.  What a beautiful feeling.  Yes, we can’t avoid pain and hard things happening.  But there is always light in each day if we choose to see it or slowly try to open our mind up to the thought of there being something bigger than us.  I will leave a few songs below.  Feel free to borrow them x







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