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The blog turns 6 years old today – thanks for all the support

Jojo Fraser aka mummy jojo blog turns 6

Today is the 6th birthday of this blog and I have LOVED being able to share so much in this space and hear from so many awesome people. It’s also given me the opportunity to write for press, write a book, launch a podcast, and win awards.  It gave me the courage to speak on huge stages and give a Tedx talk only 7 months after an acute illness.  It has allowed me to get back into acting work, speak regularly on radio and even a bit of tv.

Glencoe Scotland, Glen Etive

I have raised loads of awareness about running, and even managed to bash out my first marathon with a 3 year old and a 1 year old.  Looking back, it was my passion for raising awareness about mental health that really drove me and pushed me out of that comfort zone.  Without passion we have no energy and a marathon requires so much energy and therefore a very strong ‘why?’

wild swimming scotland - world mental health day

Isles of glencoe hotel

I have found a passion for wild swimming, and encouraged others to take it up.  This makes me happy as it is so amazing for that mojo.  I have loved working with some awesome brands, wonderful people and of course smashed a whole lot of stigma around our mental health.  Having a creative outlet is so important and writing and sharing openly has always been my happy place.  It’s amazing to know that sharing my mistakes, lessons and life experiences along the way is helping others.  This website also gives me a space off of social media and hopefully all of this content is safe and my kids can enjoy reading it when they are older.  If you have ever reached out to me, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Here are 6 lessons from the past amazing 6 years.

The mind can be a dickhead

The mind can be a cheeky little rascal but we shouldn’t fear it.  Learn to distance yourself from some of the negative thoughts you get.  Call them out, it’s your God given right to challenge that inner critic or any negative self destructive behaviours you have picked up along the way.  Learn to challenge the thoughts that are holding you back.  Curiosity is such an important life skill.  Know that the bad thoughts are transient and they are not who you really are. At the heart of it, you are an amazing, free and vibrant spirit.  The mojo is always in there, you just have to wake it up.  Loads of people still come across this blog I wrote back in 2016, through keyword searches on google, about insecurity on social media.  As humans, we are wired to seek validation from others.  Know that internal validation is absolutely key first.  This can take a bit of work but learning to love yourself is SO important.  It’s hard though because from an early age the expression ‘they love themselves’ is sadly viewed as negative.  A person happy in their own skin is a truly beautiful thing.  Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Sharing heals

Writing or talking openly about this crazy ride we call life helps us to heal.  When we offload with an open heart, we can connect with others, ourselves on a deeper level and remember that we are all just trying our best and we all just want to be happy.  When you hold stuff in it builds like a little melting pot and then explodes.  Let it out.


It’s great to have deep conversations but it’s also important to embrace the big kid within us and play.  I have loved showing my playful side through vlogs and stories, singing, dancing, clowning around, a bit of acting and being daft.  I have loved getting people singing, dancing and jumping into cold water like a loon.  Never take yourself too seriously.

When we are happy

When we are happy, things bounce off us more easily.  We don’t take things personally and we are kind to ourselves and others.  When we are happy, we are present and we have more clarity.  Happiness is a great goal to prioritise.  Sometimes we need to stop, get off the busy train and remember the times we truly feel alive.  There are no rules but you know the things that bring you to life.  Prioritise your time.  It can be easy to be a yes person when you feel happy.  Value your time, selfish isn’t always a bad word.  Schedule in time for the things you love like your life depends on it.  Schedule in still time, we need this every single day.  Connect with nature, it has the answers.  That’s when we often experience that still, calm voice.  Be still and know.

Raising kids

Enjoy those cuddles and snuggles when your kids are small and needy.  Breathe them in, smell their skin, their hair.  Hold those little hands in wonder.  Be present for the little moments.  The small things are the big things.  Before you know it, they will be off doing their own thing and you may be tempted to have an ‘accident 3rd baby’, still one of my fave blogs today.

To quote another blog I loved writing, An Important memo for busy parents:

I know it is SOOOOO hard but try not to waste time with parent guilt.  My kids scream “I love you so much Mummy” when I serve them their favourite dinner or give them a chocolate bar.  They love us for the little things more than we will ever know.

SO DROP THE FREAKING PRESSURE.  You are a person, ONE person with limited resources.  Give yourself a break.  Ask for help.  Hit the spa.  Take a screen detox.  Go for a walk along the beach or up a mountain.  Jump in a cold loch.  Find your freedom and connect to that big kid within you.

Self compassion 

How can we truly love others if we don’t love ourselves?  Sometimes we think we are loving ourselves when in fact we are doing the bare minimum.  Burnout can creep up on you so hard.  I got the t shirt and at the time I felt like I was loving life.  Then wham bam.  Helping others becomes addictive because it feels so good.  Dopamine is one powerful chemical and the balance can tip so very quickly.  Check in with yourself every day.  Check in with your body.  Check in with your breathing.  Feel your way through life.  Be kind to yourself. You got this.

Here’s to the next 6 years.  I hope you will continue to join me for the ride.

Jojo x


Jojo Fraser - motivational blogger and writer

Jojo Fraser is an award-winning author, podcaster and keynote speaker, dubbed as ‘the Queen of positivity and a kindness advocate.   She is a Tedx speaker and a regular speaker on BBC Radio.  Jojo is known for normalising discussions around our mental health, making it accessible and relatable to all.  She has quickly grown a reputation for having a huge impact even on the most sceptical of people.  She has a huge passion for helping people to get their mojo back.  Jojo loves acting, singing, wild swimming and exploring with her family.

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