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9 thoughts for my 9 year old on her birthday

Jojo and Bonnie Fraser - Edinburgh Mum blogger

Happy 9th birthday to our fun, thoughtful and lovely Bonnie lass.

Here are 9 thoughts for a very precious 9 year old and for you reading this post:

    1. Sometimes the things you least expect will bring you immense joy.  Like swimming in a cold loch in the rain.  Keep an open mind.
    2. People will describe you in many ways.  Hold onto the compliments when you feel sad because it can be hard to think  clearly when you are low.  It’s easy to be a critical pessimist when you feel drained.  So rest and be kind to yourself.  Self compassion is the absolute key.  It’s what allows us to heal.
    3. Remember you are way more than an adjective.  Don’t pigeonhole yourself, embrace all the parts of you.  It’s ok to be an extravert and an introvert on the same day.
    4. You are not the same person you were 9 years ago.  We change and grow all the time and that is a beautiful thing.  Accept the process and go with the flow.  Enjoy being with those who embrace who you are and who you continue to become.
    5. You will never be enough for everyone and everything but you are always more than enough just as you are.
    6. Take time to feel.  Don’t get out of the car until that song you love has finished playing.  Groan a little when you eat something that tastes amazing.  Dance like your life depends on it.  Sing to music you love and mean every single word.  Don’t be a stingy hugger.  Commit to feeling.
    7. Masks take the joy out of life.  Those who care for you will yearn for you to keep it real.  Be more of you.
    8. In a world that encourages us to look down, look up as much as you can.  Look at the sky every day.  Put your head out of the window and breath in the night air.  Look people in the eyes, eyes are the best.
    9.  You are still as amazing, magic and important today as you were the day you were born.  You are a living, breathing miracle.  Be still, breathe consciously and remind yourself of that every day as it is all too easy to take life for granted.  So live it.  Be thankful for every single birthday you get and milk it for as long as you can.

Bonnie Fraser - Edinburgh bloggers

Bonnie Fraser - Edinburgh bloggers


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