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The first Go Ape for Kids in Scotland

Go Ape Dalkeith Country Park

You may have seen across social that the kids and I enjoyed some serious mojo injections for the launch of @goapedalkeithedinburgh – the first Go Ape course in Scotland for under 10’s. Bonnie (8) and Charlie (6) were delighted to help Go Ape superfan, Verity Bailes, cut the ribbon. I’ve successfully completed 3 huge Bungee jumps, a sky dive and many other extreme sporting activities pre kids but I was still shaking up there.  I am clearly a little out of practise.  The kids were surprisingly fearless and it was great to see them work those harness clips and flip around up in the trees. I tried to keep up with them but will admit that this wasn’t too easy.  The adults course has a hard route and an easy one.  I was hoping the kids course had this too but clearly it’s just my conditioned fear talking.  The kids did a great job of shouting my own advice to me:

‘Come on Mum, you totally got this.  Just keep going, don’t give up’!

Go Ape for kids Dalkeith Country Park

We really enjoyed some great views and the zip wires at the end of each course were loads of fun. The kids are already asking if they can go back and do the next level. This was hands down one of their most memorable days of the summer holidays of 2021.  There is also an adults only course so I would suggest you jump in and wake up that mojo.

Go Ape for kids Dalkeith Country Park

There are some really impressive and scenic zip slides that go across the river, I love the fact that the course makes you work for these.  They are a nice treat at the end.  A day up in those trees is a great workout (I am personally a big fan of fun exercise) and Go Ape is great for kids and adults who are not only looking to have fun but to build their climbing and swinging strength.  Book now here.  You got this.

Thanks for having us @goapedalkeithedinburgh and see you again soon. #smashedit


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