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Tips for Overstimulation and looking forward

tips for overstimulation

I smile as I reflect on the difference in me from 16 months ago.  Back then, something as simple as booking a haircut would be sorted no bother, with military precision.  I booked things in, I worked quickly and efficiently in both my work and personal life.  I was highly motivated, often on the run, even if that was on the run to a sanctuary where I could unwind. My diary was pretty cram packed.

Fast forward the clock and the need to rush, that sense of urgency just isn’t there.  Stuff happens but at a different pace.  I did get my hair cut, but it took me a couple of months to get around to booking anywhere.  To be frank, there are areas where I have dropped the pressure and it feels good.  Becoming severely overstimulated was a huge wake up call.  I had got to the point that I was not only running around a lot but I was thinking too much, constantly reading, researching and trying to interpret lots of sensory inputs. I was also feeling too much.  Many say they want to feel more alive, it’s a great goal to break free from the autopilot, but with all the self and spiritual development I was doing, along with all the other sensory pleasures – I had feeling alive and excitement coming out of my ass.  We are sold that it’s great to live, to really feel and live our best life.  But this was a whole new level.  I lost my roots and it was all about the wings.  Sadly, this isn’t sustainable for the brain or the body and things can start to shut down (boooooo).

I was trying to be ‘all in’ with every single thing which is impossible.

These days it is SO easy for our brain to get overstimulated. Think of a young child after an exciting birthday party, the odds of tantrums and meltdowns are raised.

After I was hospitalised, I was given strong sleeping tablets, mood stabilisers and sedatives but I remained high as a kite or, when triggered, like a child after a party.  I could be over the top irritable.  The medical team let me out about a week earlier than they normally would due to Covid and the UK going into lockdown. I promised them I would work hard to come back down to earth. I’ve had so many messages about overstimulation since I shared my experience. I think these days with the online world being so consuming, that it can be so easy to put ourselves at risk. We are bombarded with information. We can be contacted 24/7. I have worked hard to create healthy boundaries with social media, my workload and the amount of personal and spiritual development I do.  You can jump in at podcast epiosde 131 to hear more

I have been very slowly easing myself off the mood stabilisers and throwing lots of self compassion into the mix.  I am hoping that by the time I am dooking for apples, I can be medication free and feeling back to myself.

Take time every single day to think less, switch off and get still. It’s important.

You got this x

Ps – Do whatever it takes to look after the mojo during these uncertain times.  For me its still a lot of wild swimming and singing.  I would love to hear what works for you and I can share some of your comments on the podcast.  Drop me a line at or across social @jojofrasermojo


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