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Tyninghame Beach – swimming off the beaten track in Scotland

Tyninghame Beach - jojo fraser mojo

Sometimes you need to go off the beaten track.  Just like our mission to find ‘Charlie’s cave’, we had a bit of an adventure to find the gorgeous Tyninghame Beach.  Once we had committed, there was no going back.  I’m a big believer that kids need to see that persistence prevails.  We sure needed persistence!

Tyninghame Beach - jojo fraser mojo

As explained in the video below, we had a bit of a treck to get to the beach, carrying lots of heavy bags and windbreakers. This was a top workout, but keeping the kids spirits positive took a little perseverance.  When we finally reached the beach, it was covered in haar, making it very hard to see.  We didn’t get that ‘wow’ moment on arrival that we so deserved by the point we got there.  I spoke to a couple who were leaving as we arrived.  They were gutted due to travelling all the way from Ayrshire to see the beach.  I wish they had stuck around for another hour or so!  What a beauty when the haar lifted.



Tyninghame Beach is long and sandy and often dubbed as one of the most impressive beaches in the South of Scotland. It felt like we had most of the beach to ourselves for the day.  It is a decent walk from the nearest parking and in our case, we had to walk another mile because a couple of chaps had closed the small car park, even though there were some spaces left.  We had arrived early to get a space so were pretty gutted we were made to walk.  The walk itself is pretty scenic, through old pine forests.  There are some lovely flowers too.

Tyninghame Beach - jojo fraser mojo

On a clear day, you will see the Bass Rock in the distance, which is a mile or so offshore.  The water is lovely and clear, it was pretty wavy the day we visited, which would be great for a bit of paddle boarding.  We enjoyed diving into the waves.

Tyninghame Beach - jojo fraser mojo

The area is great for camping and exploring, there are lots of rock pools and shallows which the kids loved.


Tyninghame Beach - jojo fraser mojo


I would definitely recommend Tyninghame Beach for a day trip or camping adventure.  Hopefully the beautiful Scottish weather keeps up for the summer of 2021.  We all need a change of scenery and a day at the beach is so good for the soul.  So jump in and wake up that mojo.  You got this.

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