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Feeling peace of mind in a frantic world

tips for peace of mind
Here are some tips that can help us to feel a greater sense of calm and peace of mind.

1 – Keep it real and speak from the heart. You wouldn’t suppress laughter so don’t suppress the tears either. You can’t beat a good laugh and a good old cry. If you are struggling to cry then put on a film or song you know will get you going. Sometimes we need tools to help us release.
2 – Running to help silence the inner critic and flood the body with the happy hormones (or jogging/brisk walking). It also helps to wake you up. I had a fuzzy head the other day after having a few drinks out on the town. I wanted to lie on the sofa and skip my session. I was SO glad I went for the run. Sorted me out for the rest of the day.
3 – Guilt is a toxic emotion to hold in the body so say sorry where necessary. Meditation is also brilliant for showing self compassion and kindness.
4 – See mistakes and tough times as an essential part of the ride to make us stronger and teach us wonderful lessons.
5 – Never take yourself too seriously, sing and dance like you mean it- commit to it fully, 100%
6 – When feeling anxious, move the body to release the extra adrenaline that is flooding your system.
7 – Don’t be a stingy hugger, connect.
8 – Remember it’s impossible to please everyone so drop the pressure.
9 – Jump in a cold reservoir, loch, lake or the sea. A cold shower is great too. Absolute game changer.
10 – Remember we are wired to focus on the negative (like the fact this pic shows I need a hair cut 😜). Choose to replace with positives – what a nice evening that was.
11 – Remember that you are fully capable of making choices that are in line with your personal values. Trust your gut.
12 – Take time to be silent and still every single day.
13 – Take days off social media and regular breaks. It is designed to be over stimulating.
14 – Be a rebel and spread the positive news.
15 – Call out your mind when it’s being an asshole. You are not the negative thoughts.
16 – Consume positive content. As @the_misfit_maw and I discuss this week on time for a mojo injection podcast 126 – embrace your favourite creative outlet. Reels, vlogs, gardening, drawing, painting, cooking, DIY, twerking ? You got this 💥
Jojo Fraser

Jojo Fraser is an award-winning author, podcaster and keynote speaker, dubbed as ‘the Queen of positivity and a kindness advocate.   She is a Tedx speaker and you can often hear her on BBC radio talking about our mental fitness, which she has been researching for the past 7 years. Jojo is known for normalising discussions around our mental health, making it accessible and relatable to all.  She has quickly grown a reputation for having a huge impact even on the most sceptical of people.

Contact her at – or across social @jojofrasermojo


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