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Piers Morgan – The kind of leaders we need less of

Jojo Fraser - time for a mojo injection

I try to limit my consumption of the news, as I know it is wired to flood us with adrenaline and cortisol, perhaps with disgust from the things we see.  I had a quick peak earlier and I could feel my blood start to heat up as Piers Morgan gloats about ‘the best TV ratings’ at the expense of a woman who said she had mental health issues and that her son was a victim of a racial comment.  That’s what we call an ego driven leader over one who wants to make positive changes in the world.  His why from the start was to ‘beat BBC Breakfast in the ratings’ with no regard to who may be hurt in the process. 

This week we celebrated International Women’s Day with the theme #choosetochallenge and I think it is so important that we use our voice to inspire change.  I find it ironic that in the week of choose to challenge, some press and public figures continue to put a spotlight on the theme of mental illness and suicidal thoughts being automatically suspicious.  Voicing concerns about mental health can be hard enough for people, nevermind the attitude of doubt that some think is acceptable. This is an attitude that kills people.  When someone tells you that they were or are suicidal, we have to believe them.

Meghan Markle was bullied by the press for years, if a lot of the coverage was false, I can understand why she could want to set the record straight and share her truth.  Especially so when some of the topics are so significant.

We need less ego driven leaders like Piers and more mindful leaders, who are clear on their values and want to make a positive change in the world.  The surface level stuff, such a viewing stats, isn’t enough.  We need to push for more.  I am glad that 41,000 people chose to challenge.  It gives me a little hope.



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