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Tips for anxiety and low vibrational thoughts

Jojo Fraser

I have had a few messages this week about anxiety and lower vibrational thoughts and as a result have decided to make a little extra time this week to explore this in more detail on podcast episode 116.  I have also put together a meditation to help with this.

You can jump into podcast episode 116 via the video below, right here or across at your favourite podcast channel.

Some of the tips are simple things I picked up when I started my deeper study and practise into mindfulness based meditation.  It can be easy for us to try and cram in a 5 minute meditation here and there but when we break it down, I think our mind needs more than 5 minutes of stillness and positive affirmations.  That’s why it is so important for us to find a routine that works.  A couple of examples.

I like to go for a walk myself ideally every day, even if it is simply for 20 minutes.  I use this time to either get still with nature, listen to music I love or uplifting audiobooks or podcasts.  I also like to take a bit longer in the garage gym, on the treadmill or mindfully lifting weights.  With kids at home in lockdown, it is easier for me to fit this in each day.  I also use this time to listen to uplifting music or motivational content that gives me a boost.

I have been enjoying some quiet time each morning and night, alone in bed.  I like to use this time to journal, read or set positive affirmations or intensions.  It is often these little things that are the big things.  What can you do each day for your mind?  How can you find calm?  How can you make friends with your mind?

I have put a short meditation below for you to use.  Let me know how you get on.

You got this.


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