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The virus that kills – my Tedx Talk is now live

Jojo fraser tedx talk

So there it is, time to share my story with the world.  There are a few twists and turns so hold on until the end.  The video will soon be uploaded onto the Ted website too.

In 2019, I had the pleasure of coaching some incredible women.  As I watched them take to the Ted stage, I felt so proud and so happy for them.  I was excited about the opportunity to do a talk myself in the not so distant future and I wondered what I would speak about.  Little did I know that my world would start to flip upside down, just a few weeks later.  That would be my first story to share with Ted.  I am much more than that story, you are much more than one story too.  But I believe this story is a powerful one and I feel called to share it so that others don’t suffer in silence.  Shame is real and it is deadly and dangerous.  It has to be challenged.  We need more compassion and forgiveness in the world.

In just over 17 short minutes, I covered what I could in an attempt to get my message across.  But there is a lot I didn’t put down. What I can tell you is that trauma changes us.  It can scar us and harden us for some time but there then comes a time when we need to release it and move on with grace.  The trauma I went through made me so much stronger.  I am not thankful for anyone who was hurt in the process but I am thankful for the lessons.  I will use them in a positive way.

Please share the talk with anyone this may help.  I will keep you posted in terms of what else I plan to do with it.  Thanks to all who have been in touch already.

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