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After dark festive adventures – Winter Mojo – Edinburgh Highlights

Spectacle of Light, Edinburgh

This weekend we attended the press event for Spectacle of Light and a magic time was had by all.  I am a huge fan of festive lights.  My favourite thing about the street we currently live on, is the incredible lights that we all put up at Christmas.  December is an amazing month on our street and many come to check it out.  We go all in on effort.

The Spectacle of Light show has the wow factor.  I shall share with you some images from our experience.

Spectacle of Light, Edinburgh

Spectacle of Light, Edinburgh

With young kids, I find it important to get out with them as much as possible in Winter.  I am all for the romantic idea of embracing all things cosy, but the fact is that there are moments of desperation that come, when they start to climb the walls.  The noise levels can become intense, it can feel like trying to house a wild animal.  I would say more so with our 6 year old son.  There is a metaphor in there somewhere though.  Perhaps,as adults, we don’t try to climb the walls.  Instead, could our mind come caving in on us without a daily mojo injection of nature and fresh air.  Time outside allows us to practise gratitude so we can return home with a fresh perspective.

mojo injection with jojo fraser mojo injection with jojo fraser

You can book tickets and find out more here.

Winter mojo – you got this.

Cheers x

Jojo Fraser - Winter mojo


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