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World Mental Health Day 2020 – Mental Health for all

Jojo Fraser - wellness edinburgh

Today is a reminder to be kind to ourselves.  The theme for 2020  is ‘mental health for all’.  We all have mental health and sometimes people who are living with a mental illness have better mental health than a person with no illness.  Basically, none of us should take our mental health for granted.  If we can do something each and every day that is good for our wellbeing, we are more likely to show empathy, kindness and love to others.  The world need a lot more of this.

Here are some tips when it comes to looking after your mental health.

Move every day. Get yourself off the sofa and outside to enjoy a walk, run, jog, cycle – whatever floats your boat.  I have been there when it felt like there was no time to move, no time for a lunch break.  Why not start small, take some calls outside whilst walking, ideally in nature.  Then build up to ditching the phone and simply taking yourself outside.

Breathe consciously every day.  Be it in the shower, whilst boiling the kettle or taking a walk, take some time to focus on your breathing.  To inhale and then exhale slowly.  The more we do this, it becomes part of our routine.  Conscious breathing helps us to calm down, to check in before we react. It can help us to manage stressful situations.  It can stop anxiety attacks.

Do one nice thing for yourself every day.  Whatever that means to you.

Don’t bottle up your problems.  Write down any negative feelings or talk them out.  This starts the healing process, which can allow you to move on.

Remember compliments.  Our brains like to hold onto the negative words.  We need to work to hold onto the positive ones.  Write down compliments you have been given if it helps you.  Read them out.  Let your brain take them in.  Show your brain who is boss.  It can take work to make our mind a healthy place.  You are worth it.  We all deserve wellbeing.

Send love to those who have hurt you.  Has someone ghosted you? Thrown you under the metaphorical bus? Send them some love and good vibes (meditation and prayer is a great way to do this).  Are you struggling to forgive someone for words or actions that hurt?  Remember that people who hurt us are more than likely struggling with their own mental health.  When we feel peace and joy, we are more likely to spread it.  When we feel angry and stressed, we are more likely to spread it.  When we feel intense trauma, we can do some serious damage.  Our energy is contagious and can be toxic.  So don’t take your mental health for granted and work on raising your vibe.  How do you do this?  I share some ideas below.  But you do what works for you.  Sometimes that may mean medication.  Get some professional advice if you feel that things are getting too much.  Especially if your sleep is impacted.

You got this x



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