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Why keeping it real is good for your health

Edinburgh blogger, author, podcaster and speaker - Jojo Fraser

Thank you so much for all the messages about my recent article, in sickness and in mental health.

I am blown away by the feedback and delighted that it is helping to open up further conversations, smashing more stigma.  It wasn’t an easy blog to write but it was something that had to be done.  Keeping it real is great for our health, but sometimes we need to process stuff and heal before we can talk openly.

I discuss things in further detail during the interview below so jump in.

I have never been a big fan of surface level chat but as we say this week in my own podcast (episode 99 here):

‘You can only meet people as deeply as they have met themselves’.

I like this.  It makes me thankful for all the deep conversations I get to have and also reminds me to have compassion because it can take time to get to a place where we feel we can open up.  My messsage to you is that you don’t have to carry all your problems alone.  Even if you can share with one person you trust.  When we talk things out, we start to feel lighter.  It’s the same with writing stuff down.

For me, I accepted a long time ago that there will always be some people that judge.  But the number of people with a growth mindset, who practise kindness is so much greater.  The advantages of being honest and open, far exceed any negatives.  You got this.  Jojo x



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