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Our trip to the Sheriff Muir Paradise Pools, Scotland

wild swimming in scotland - Paradise Pools

I had a lot of messages asking where we were swimming at the weekend.  My love of a good dip in cold, fresh water is still going strong.  There are SO many benefits to cold water swimming,  Some of those being:

  • It gives you a natural mojo injection. Cold water swimming activates  all those endorphins.
  • It improves your circulation.
  • It reduces stress.
  • It is a super fun way of socialising (even if you decide to watch with a hot chocolate at the side).
  • It is SO invigorating.

There is so much research in terms of the mental health benefits.  I always feel amazing after a swim.

Last weekend we enjoyed swimming at Gullane beach.  It was a rainy and wet day, which meant it was warmer in the sea than it was out of it.


This weekend, we decided we would take a break from braving the jellyfish and hit some waterfalls.  The Sheriff Muir Paradise Pools are near Dunblane in Scotland (an hours drive from Edinburgh). 

Beware – it can get a bit muddy on the walk down.  Hold onto your shoes 🙂


On arrival, you’ll find a lovely gorge with a plunge pool and rock slide, surrounded by woodland, below the pylons.  It is a little off the beaten track but so worth it.


Check out my friend Pete demonstrating the sliding and jumping in the video below, all which are safe and have been for years (we spoke to a regular who has been coming since he was a kid).  I loved floating around the water and stayed in for a lot longer than planned.  It was super refreshing.


Pack up a picnic and a hot flask to warm you up afterwards.  Next on my list is to look into a dry robe to slip into.  I hear they are all the rage and they look SO cosy which will be handy as we approach the cooler seasons.  It is so important to warm up properly after a cold swim with fluids and the right gear.  I’m all in on this passion so it is worth investing.  I will let you know which one I decide to go with.

Please feel free to message me your fave swimming spots so I can add them to my list.  I will be sure to keep you updated on mine.

Jojo Fraser - wild swimming and mojo at 37

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