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A note for ‘Intense People’

A note for ‘Intense People’

Have you ever been called ‘too intense’?  I have.  The first time I remember it was 14 years ago when I was travelling around Australia.  It bothered me.  I took it personally.  These days, I am aware that the word intense is merely an adjective – meaning extreme force, degree, or strength.  The word ‘outcast’ also comes up.  Some will find it weird to show high levels of passion or excitement.  My ego told me to pipe down a little when recording this podcast recently. When I feel deeply about a topic, I can get right into it.  It’s intense 🙂

We can all have intense feelings.  It’s great to feel.  Often ‘intense people’ care deeply, sometimes too much, which comes at a cost.

I am now more self aware than I was 14 years ago and I am totally ok with the fact that I am too much for some people.  So should you be.  I love fruit but I don’t like blueberries.  Does that mean blueberries are bad?  No, millions love them, it’s just a weird thing about me.  I don’t enjoy them, who knows why but it’s no biggie, there are plenty of other fruits to pick from.

I have had time to reflect this year.  With time, we gain insight and inspiration about the ways we would like to grow.  Mistakes are there to teach us.  When giving keynotes last year, a phrase that I loved to use was ‘jump in’.  I asked people to push any doubt or fear aside and jump in with me, head first and come along for the mojo ride.  The ability to jump into things is great, it comes with the territory of being a passionate person.  We have this ability to trust.  Looking back over mistakes made in the past, there were times I jumped in far too fast.  When I was unwell, I jumped into every single thing at the speed of light. All anxiety was gone from my hypomanic mind.

Jumping in has served me well in the past, I married a great guy, became a mum to two wonderful kids, it has got me achieving things such as travelling the world, running a marathon, writing a book and launching a podcast.  When I jump in, I go for it.  But sometimes, before we take the plunge, it is important to put the passion and emotion on hold and become grounded in the body.  I think we should all consider some jumping safety instructions

I enjoy using the analogy of something I utterly adore: wild swimming.  It can be exciting, invigorating and wonderful for our wellbeing.  However, first it’s important to seek out some clarity.

Factors to take into consideration before taking the plunge:

Is skinny dipping an acceptable and safe option?

Which canals and urban rivers are off guard?

Could stagnant lakes or reedy shallows be dangerous?

How deep is the area you wish to jump?

Who could be impacted by this plunge?

Is there something toxic you need to avoid such as blue-green algae?

Do you have the right armour required for the conditions such as supportive foot ware and gloves?

Is there a way out?

Is your body prepared for the shock and can you breathe through it and stay calm?

It’s good to take time to ask some of the big questions first and then do a little planning.

Keep that passion and fire, it’s good for you and it will help to raise the vibes of the nation.  Just make sure you are able to swim and get the right support around you if it gets a bit choppy.  You got this.





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