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Keeping the mojo in check when you work in a creative role

Jojo Fraser time for a mojo injection

I really enjoyed being interviewed by my good friend Donal Doherty, on his wonderful podcast.  Check the discussion out here.

We spoke about looking after our mental health when working in a creative role and loads more.  Being a creative and what many would dub an ‘intense person’, has so many benefits when it comes to our mojo.  Yet there are often challenges too.  Here are some reminders for you if you work in a creative role:

  • The societal norm is to cover up our emotions and ‘pipe down’.  You are wonderful the way you are so share what makes you different.  That is your gift and suppressing it can do a lot of damage.  I believe that when we show up fully, we can have a huge impact in our chosen field.


  • The more present you are, the better you can perform in your art.  When I am all in and there fully, I act, write and speak on stage to the best of my ability.  You can tell if a person is present by looking into their eyes.  That is when you get a glimpse of their talent and gifts.  Think about some of the best performers you have seen, they are there.


  • Be careful with your dopamine levels.  It is wonderful to follow your purpose and passion with work that you love, which is in line with your personal values.  It can easily keep you awake at night.  Make sure that you rest and take time out.  Your brain doesn’t care if your work is your passion.  It still needs oxytocin and time to repair and recharge.  If you feel your mind starting to race a lot, then slow down.  If you feel like you are buzzing, check in with yourself.  Excitement is wonderful but we need some serious chill time too.  From buzzing to balanced has been my mantra this year.  What does balance look like?  We don’t react quickly, we can fall asleep without the mind spinning and going crazy.  We are calm on the roads, not easily triggered or angered.  When I am balanced, I feel content.  This involves having time to reflect and meditate each day, to look deep within, ensuring that we keep both internal and external self awareness.  Stress can be a key factor when it comes to losing our awareness.  As can the heavy stuff such as hardcore drinking or taking drugs.  Emotions such as fear, anger and anxiety can take hold which makes it much harder to show empathy to others and to judge less.


  • To live a passionate life takes courage and effort but the world needs you to be more of you, not less.  Not everyone will get you or like you but the ones who do will love you.  You need to keep your head high in a world that can ‘unfollow you’ and move on at the drop of a hat.  Remember that nothing is personal and everyone has their own unique life lens, which can change from month to month.  So keep being you, speak the truth and stay in the lane that makes you feel the most alive.  That is when the mojo is flying.  Just remember that you need to come down again each day to restore and recharge.
ps – today happens to be Donal’s 40th birthday.  Happy birthday D.  Here is a shot from our university days.

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