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We come one

Jojo Fraser - time for a mojo injection

‘These arms lack a purpose, flappin like a humming bird

I’m nervous, cause I’m the left eye, you’re the right

Would it not be madness to fight?



In 2004 I attended my first music festival, T in the Park.  I wasn’t meant to go, the tickets had originally been for my two older brothers.  But David, my oldest brother, had to pull out last minute, allowing me to use his ticket.  So off I went, to pitch a tent and party with 60,000 people.  On Saturday 10th July 2004, my brother’s 28th birthday to rub it in (sorry David), something magical happened. I had a moment.  I was all in. I was all in on pure and present joy and I hadn’t even had so much of a sniff of alcohol, drugs or caffeine.  It was energy.  It was love.  It was peace.  It was Faithless performing ‘We Come one’ and it was utterly mind blowing.  The crowds were all in too. We joined in song and chant:

‘Would it not be madness to fight, we come one’.

There was no judgement.  We were out of minds in a wonderful way, leaving all of those labels we carry behind.  I looked up at the stage, I looked around at the crowds.  I gazed at the sky.  It all made sense to me in that moment.  We come one.  We are all connected. And there is so much more to life. Music is an incredible gift that brings our souls together.  That deep place within us where everything is okay, no matter what is going on.  Souls don’t know man made labels such as age, race, nationally, gender or sexuality.  Our hands were high, we were free.  We were there fully, all in on joy.











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