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Getting off the screens at home

Getting off the screens at home

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes screens are an absolute blessing, especially with two young kids after over 100 days of lockdown.  Silence can indeed be golden, in fact platinum. But since a lightbulb moment in 2017, I have been trying to avoid catching nomophobia.  I also feel a responsibilty to educate the kids on how important it is to give the mind a rest from the constant stimulation and comparison shopping.

The closest I have been to proper finger twitching addiction is when I was unwell earlier this year.  My mind was racing as were my texts.  If only my phone had been pulled off me sooner, the consequences of being a professional public speaker and putting on ‘the best show’.  I was fine or atleast, I thought I was.  Ironically, I had got a digital detox box the month before I took ill.  The intension was strong before hypomania, a horrible illness I had never heard of and was unaware of,  invaded my body.  It’s great to be back.

So what am I doing in attempt to find balance with the screens?  Lots of things!


I enjoy doing facials in the bath with some nice scented candles.  Over the weekend I had a special treat from my friends at Chamomile Sanctuary with their Medik8 luxury at home anti aging facial. Check out the short video below to find out what I thought of the experience. Making this video was an incentive to go and get some hair dye and sort out those shocking roots.

It was SO NICE having the house all to myself for the morning to zone out and properly enjoy the pamper.  If Bonnie had been home, she would have insisted on joining in, diving into all the beautiful products.

This facial would make a great gift for someone or why not treat yourself? Delivery is now across the UK.  Sorry if you live elsewhere but I hope you feel inspired to pamper yourself if you haven’t been doing so.   I am missing massages and facials BIG style.  I have always been more about experiences than things. Order the amazing facials here.  


I will always be a self development junky but I have also been reading a bit of fiction escapism from romantic comedy to thriller.



We were kindly gifted a special limited edition one from the crew at Scotty brand (love their berries and little potatoes).  Once I start a jigsaw, I find it really hard to stop.  The kids got involved for some of it and when Bonnie started to get bored, she decided to get out some paper and pens and draw the jigsaw cover.  Which leads me onto……

Mindful drawing

I got into drawing and painting in a big way when I was in hospital in recovery.  I’m not the best at it but I enjoy the process and find it so relaxing.  I now enjoy keeping our colouring pens and crafting kits stocked up.  Slowing down the mind is important for all of us, even if you feel like you have got the mojo in check.


I enjoy listening to some of my favourite voices to zone me out and like to do this lying on my bed or enjoying the childs pose position on my yoga mat.  I still find the lotus position fairly uncomfortable.


Mindful Tea Breaks 

Our friends at Eteaket kindly gifted us their new limited edition tea which is called ‘keep the heid‘. This is in collaboration with Scottish water and it is SO tasty.  They are donating £1 from every 100g tube sold to the charity ‘Health In Mind’ to help them to promote positive mental health & wellbeing.  Bonnie loves this tea too and I am not allowed to make a cup without involving her.  Although she is not so keen on the mindful breathing as we wait 3 minutes for it to brew.  She told me she would prefer to go and have a mindful chocolate biscuit.  It was world chocolate day earlier this week, which was milked.


Mindful cooking/baking

I have tried so many new recipes during lockdown.  I love the process of creating, I become a bit of a scientist and switch off into my little zone.  Sometimes with nice chilled beats or podcasts on in the background, others simply in my cooking bubble.


I also love answering the door to exciting foodie treats and this delicious gift from Ross, the executive pastry chef at The Balmoral Hotel, was a dream come true.  Ross has started a new cake business @afternoontealtd and is delivering stunning cakes in and around Edinburgh. They will be selling a Cake of the Week – a weekly changing luxury limited edition seasonal cake or dessert , and will produce only 50. When they are gone they are gone , via Shopify on Facebook & Instagram. This is the Signature Berry Pavlova and it ticked all my boxes – gooey, light, creamy, fresh, moreish – oh baby


Hanging out the washing

This one sounds a bit random but pre lockdown, life often felt too frantic to take the time to hang the washing out.  We would throw clothes in the dryer whilst rushing from task to meeting to school pickup.  With all this time at home, I have found the simple task of hanging washing out on the line to be a really nice mindful practise.  I focus on the birds singing and use the time to become aware of my breathing, whilst soaking in some nice vitamin D.

Getting out

Getting out the house is of course the best way to resist temptation in terms of being sucked into the online world for much longer than necessary.  I have been using a 30 second timer on youtube and doing a hit session in the back garden.  Regular walks and cycling trips, some short and some longer have also been key to keeping the mojo in check.  I have also been reminded that I will never be too young for a good old bounce on the trampoline.



A tip for you if you are feeling stressed or low (I was chatting with Drew Carson about this earlier whilst recording a podcast for time for a mojo injection).  Go for a walk round the block.  Be aware of your mood once you come back.  If you are still in need of a boost, then walk the block again.  Those feel good endorphins will kick in eventually.  If you are able, a change of scene is always great for the wellbeing.  Go easy on yourself.



Jojo Fraser is an award winning author, coach, podcaster and motivational speaker.  She has been a mental health researcher for the past 6 years and helps to empower, motivate and uplift the leaders she works with.  She is a regular speaker on BBC Radio, a keen foodie, lover of running, wild swimming and she loves to sing.




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