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Get out your old photos – lockdown 2020

Edinburgh blogger, Jojo Fraser

Image fromBeautiful Bairns Photography 

New research reveals Brits find looking back at photos more relaxing than meditating. Personally, I love a bit of both and it is lovely watching Bonnie enjoying looking through memories at the tender age of 7.  I love watching her face light up as she talks about stories of past days with friends, at school or with family.  A few weeks ago, we sat as a family in the living room and played a slide show via a USB of lots of old photos and videos.  It was magic.  I have always loved photos and it is my favourite part of social media (seeing the memory updates is great, especially with two young kids).

Over recent weeks, the social feeds have been filled with people reminiscing about travel memories, moments with their loved ones and many photo focused challenges. Whether it’s posting a photo of your happiest memory #MyHappyPhoto, sharing a throwback of you in your 20’s #MeAt20, or the first photo you and your partner took together #OurFirstPhoto – many have embraced sharing those throwback snaps (I have been a bit lazy getting involved). I enjoyed doing this before lockdown, not always sharing, but looking over the memory updates for my own viewing pleasure.

New research from CEWE has highlighted that looking back at our photos has a significant impact on our wellbeing and can dramatically improve our mood. Over a fifth of people look back at their old photo’s multiple times a week and when doing so they feel nostalgic (65%), happy (56%), relaxed (31%) and inspired (14%).

But this isn’t the only feeling our old photos give us. In fact, the research shows that the nation finds looking back and reminiscing on their favourite snaps more relaxing than meditating and listening to podcasts (they have clearly still to check out my soothing podcast, time for a mojo injection).

The preferred ways to relax include:

  • Having a bath (34%)
  • Looking at photos (32%)
  • Exercise (25%)
  • Listening to podcasts (9%)
  • Meditating (8%)

I am surprised music isn’t on this, I am listening to chilled beats as a type and feeling pretty content as I prepare for some mindful cooking.

I have found sharing new content on social media harder with lockdown.  I have shared some amazing food recipes on my stories, I am loving trying out new ideas.  There is only so many hot tub snaps I can post, especially as I know many people are writing to me to say they are trying to order one.  I don’t want to rub it in their faces.  Then there are thought provoking words to post but I don’t like to feel forced and prefer to write when I feel inspired.  The kids and I are enjoying doing some vlogs and acting, so that will form part of my content.  If we had not been in lockdown, I would be posting much more images of adventures, exploring and wild swimming (and of course being on the road for speaking gigs).   I have been leaving my phone at home for most of our family walks, so that I can be there fully.  Free of the screens.

Often it is the simple things that can help us to relax.  Looking back at times that we felt our happiest can boost our mood and transport us back to those good times.  So jump in.  I am all in on the calm in 2020.


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