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Coaching with Jojo Fraser – Reviews

Jojo Fraser - motivational mental health blogger and author

Jojo comes to life when she is coaching and speaking on stage.  Here are some of her latest reviews:

‘Jojo is so down to earth yet really energising and motivating – it’s like talking to one of your best buddies! She puts you at ease right from the start and is a total pro, listening closely to your needs and giving you exactly what you require to help you achieve your best! Her little gems of tips really helped me focus and hone in on the real message I wanted to deliver, all done in a really fun and positive way! The visualisation meditation she prepared for me was really helpful – it showed that Jojo really listened to the areas that had made me twitchy and built the visualisation around those points. It’s something I will listen to many times over the years.’

Elaine Lennon – Singer, Songwriter 

Despite us living geographically well over 200 miles apart, Jojo arranged a ‘Zoom’ meeting so we could chat face to face on our computers – rendering no issue with the fact we couldn’t physically be face to face. Before my Zoom session, Jojo asked me to record myself speaking – which she spent time watching and developing suggestions/ideas for me to think about to evolve my TEDx talk even further. During our actual sessions therefore, Jojo had a clear plan – so the sessions were really well structured – with Jojo uncovering what I needed to get out of each one, my main current concerns, she reviewed looked where I currently was and discussed what else I could do. The sessions were extremely supportive, always positive and encouraging whilst also giving me some real good developmental points to think about. I always felt extremely empowered from our sessions.
The visualisation meditation was exceptional. I used it in a variety of settings, sometimes whilst I was sat on the sofa relaxing after a hard day or having just practised the TEDx for what seemed the hundredth time! As well as listening to it in my car and finally, and probably most importantly, when I was going to sleep. I played it through my headphones too before I went on stage – it really calmed me, focussed what I had ahead and made it all such a positive experience. Even my partner, who also listened to it as I played it in bed, said how amazing and empowering it was!!  Jojo is so positive, coaching is such a huge strength of hers, I hope she has time to support so many others in the way she did me.
Natalie Queiroz – Author and Inspirational Speaker 

Jojo is simply amazing!  Our paths crossed when I was put in touch with her in preparation to speak at the TEDxCumbernauld Women event.  I am a pretty anxious awkward human and speaking on the phone or via video call is something that very often puts the utter fear of Gods into me but I was instantly put at ease within a few words and completely enjoyed our session – leaving the call feeling excited, encouraged and full of drive!

Jojo has a totally enchanting energy and if I could carry it around with me on a daily basis I absolutely would – just follow her on Instagram to see what I mean.  With a few little words she can lift you up and help put a confidence behind your story and everything you’re trying to say.

Her visualisation meditation was brilliant and left me with a calming determination – and also a little bit like I can take on the world.

Gemma Acreman – Speaker and Blogger 

It never ceases to amaze me how as to how powerful it can be to surround yourself with positivity and boy this afternoon I did just that with the beautiful soul that is Jojo Fraser.  A mojo injection has given me such a boost! Sitting for hours that felt like minutes, sharing experiences, making plans and using each other as a sounding board in a space that we both felt relaxed – that is how your recharge your mojo. People do come into your lives for a reason and this lady sure has! In the last few years through our friendship she has guided me through a lot by helping me to find my inner mojo – getting me to sing to her a few months after I was diagnosed helped me find a piece of me and slowly but surely over the last 2.5 years I have pieced this new me together. In 2020 she is guiding me through achieving an ambition of mine that I never felt possible. Watch this space

Lisa Fleming – Founder of Make 2nds Count 

‘I felt worthless before I met Jojo, now I feel like a million bucks and I have started singing for the first time’.

Nadine – Patient of psychiatric hospital





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