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Self love for survival – Jojo Fraser UNCUT

Jojo Fraser - Edinburgh author and blogger

I work with a lot of incredible people and I adore seeing transformation.  I have a range of tools and mojo injections that I use.  It is important for me that we always keep it real, have some fun (yes we use music) and of course break down any barriers.  We ALL have triggers.  For clarity and trust, I will share some of mine –

When my freedom is suppressed, be that freedom of speech, freedom to explore or be spontaneous.  I love to break the rules and, whilst routine is important, too much of it is dangerous.  I love to travel, meet new people and I am not a fan of ‘small talk’.  In fact, I like to get fairly deep quite quickly as you will know if you listen to my podcast (tune in here or across spotify and itunes).  

I am not for everyone but I think it’s important to stay authentic, even if it means not everyone will like us and take the time to understand.  As I say in my book, we judge too easily, which pulls us away from our mojo.    If you are not a fan of reading, you can hear me reading the full book on audible.  So jump in, I am told I have a very soothing voice.  I will let you decide.  I have some special guests too who drop in to mix it up.  As you will see from my next book, we indeed come one and are all connected.  I am SO happy to have some incredible people in my life who I can trust fully.  People who have my back.  People who, when I am down in the darkest, most negative lens, come and pull me out of it.  BBC call me ‘Scotlands Queen of Positivity’, but trust me – I have been to the darkest of places too.  I know where my mind can go and I now know my triggers.  A lack of sleep sends me CRAZY and I like being crazy but not in a mojo crazy way.  A lack of sleep is dangerous and I can become manic and very anxious.  Self love for me is sleep.  Self love for me is lots of massages and a special shout out to Lush for giving me an incredible pamper last month.  Self love to me is dinner out with friends who understand me and can be real from the moment we meet.  Self love to me is bath bombs with my kids followed by snuggles in our fresh pj’s.  Self love is going for a slow walk in nature.  It is running and lifting weights.  It is wild swimming.  It is catching my inner critic when it tells me I am worthless.  It is blocking any trolls who don’t understand me and lack empathy.  When you are in the public eye, it isn’t always smiles.  Not everyone wants to spread good vibes and sometimes my honesty is FAR TOO MUCH for people.  But it’s the key to my brand.  Integrity or nothing.  Keep your values and actions in line.  If you are finding this hard, you may need to take a step back.  Take some time to get to know yourself, rather than distract yourself.  Write a list of what you love about yourself.  Cling onto ALL the compliments you have had.  Write them down and read them.  Push any words from trolls to the back of your mind. Hurt people, hurt people.  Also, sometimes it can be a mental illness talking, not a person, I explain this in detail in chapter one of time for a mojo injection and will get even deeper in my 2nd non fiction book (fiction coming too but all in good time).

You deserve good fuel, you deserve to rest.  You deserve friends who love you for who you are.  I have made the following meditation for you.  It is super honest but that is where the magic happens, when we break comfort zones.  If you scroll through my channel, you will find lots of guides like this with different words but the same objective.  SELF LOVE.  2020 – WE NEED SELF LOVE.  I started the year in a fairly dark place.  I am not sure quite what happened, I think I gave too much and forgot to fill up my cup.  Perhaps it was a mix of things.  But it taught me so much and all I can say is Spring is for the mojo.

Wishing you all love, peace, calm and MOJO.



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