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How to give off good energy and vibes?

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One of my most asked questions of 2019 was:

‘What is the mojo injection?’

I get it.  It sounds like a gimmick.  I like to have fun, because it is so important that we remember to not take ourselves too seriously.  Fun is important for our wellness and full body health.  To break it down, to me our mojo is our energy and our energy impacts everything.  Everything starts as energy — as an idea, inspiration or thought. To transfer this energy in a useful way that will make an impact, we need to be present.  I went on a bit of a mission last year to deepen my mindfulness practise and become more present.  As a result, I became a better writer and speaker.  I felt like I was achieving more in less time.  Friends and clients started making comments that I was ‘calming to be around’.  When we are present, we feel more grounded and we have a clearer head which allows us to make better choices.

You could have the best ideas in the world, but if you are not present in your body, you won’t be able to take things to the next level and make an impact.  We have all been there when we get swept into drama, negativity and bad habits that pull us away from being present.  Many of us will be doing dry January.  Overall, I don’t think alcohol has a huge impact on my behaviour unless I get a little over excited and drink more than I want to.  I love the taste of a nice glass of wine or champagne.  I’m also a sucker for a nice cocktail.  But, when I have lost the balance, there have been times that alcohol has kept me from being present and therefore I have not reacted the way I wanted to when challenges came my way. I have slipped up, perhaps said the wrong thing or took the saucy dance moves a little too far.  If you feel stressed or overwhelmed with your life, being more present is the answer.  To test your stress levels I suggest you take note of how you behave –

1 – on the roads

2 – in large queues

3- when confronted with drama

4 – when confronted with a threat


How grounded are you in those moments?  The more grounded you are, the more present that you are in the body.

As you become more mindful, you’ll feel calm and relaxed, clear and focused, with plenty of time and energy to get the job done.  You can even slow down to speed up. That’s my kind of mojo injection, I love a bit of time management.

Your energy is important.  You are important.  So take the time.  I hope the video clip above helps you.  Drop me a line at if you would like to discuss this further.


Jojo Fraser is an award winning author, coach, podcaster and motivational speaker.  Jojo believes that we are all born to lead.  She has been a mental health researcher for the past 6 years and helps to empower, motivate and uplift the leaders she works with.  She is a regular speaker on BBC Radio, a keen foodie, lover of running, wild swimming and she loves to sing.

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You got this.
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