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Mindset, Goals and Uncut Conversation with Ben Coomber

ben coomber on the mojo injection

I recently had the pleasure of hanging out with Ben Coomber on my podcast, time for a mojo injection.  You can tune in across all key channels including right here, right now. It is also available on Itunes and spotify.

Ben is a nutritionist, a coach and educator with a passion for self development.  He also runs the UK’s number 1 health and fitness podcast, Ben Coomber Radio.  When he was younger, he lost 5.5 stone of body fat, reclaimed his health and energy, built 3 stone of muscle to become more athletic and stronger, and changed career into the world of health and fitness to help and inspire others. He has helped thousands of clients transform their body and mind and he is an international speaker.  So jump in with an open mind and enjoy it.

We talk about the importance of having a good structure in order to achieve our goals and find the balance between work and play.  He is passionate and excited by extreme approaches to habit breaking. His motivation comes from a strong desire to live his very best life.  In order to get closer to this point, it’s important that we get honest and do some trouble shooting.  Mindset is key and the key players in the health and fitness industry are now aware of this which excites me.  If you don’t have a clear idea of where you want to go and your intentions, then it will be much harder to shift the mindset.  There are some great tips in the podcast including how we analyse our environment and consider where in the day or week we can lose our momentum.  Until we get granular, it can be easy to live our life for others and go off track.  Sometimes we need to protect our routine and what works for one person will be completely different for another.  Personally, if I don’t get out in nature for a run, walk or training session, I am not the best version of myself.  I can become a mood hoover and I start to feel sluggish.  But routine takes practise, especially if you are wired to live spontaneously, like me.  I feel better when I stick to a routine with certain things like taking time to batch cook and chop up lots of vegetables, or get out the door to train.  I need to be prepared to ensure I don’t get stuck up another adventure.  I also need incentives such as decent tunes or motivational podcasts to listen to.  We all need tools to get the outcome we want, be that happiness or improved fitness.  Taking time to be honest about which tools are working is absolutely key.  Ben gave some great tips about reviewing the tools used at the end of the month.  If there has been good progress, then the tools are good.  So for example with batch cooking, it’s good to do this during a time in the week where motivation is the highest.  For me, this is on a Sunday arvo when I am relaxing at home, or a Monday morning when I can listen to a podcast or audible, providing I have no meetings.  I like to try and keep this as an admin morning. This gives me more chance of sticking to my routine, especially after a busy weekend.

Self compassion is also important because it can be easy to add to the job list and attempt to cram in too much in one day, which is part of the way technology is these days. It can also be easy to start comfort eating when we take on too much, to reward ourselves. I talk to Ben about the eating patterns he let go of.  It can be easy to trick ourselves and eat mindlessly.  I know personally that if I feel a lack of freedom in my life, I am prone to comfort eating because food is something I can control.  But I also know that I am a happier version of myself when I feel healthy and not bloated after a 3rd helping of comfort food.  In the moment it’s great, eating feels good.  I love food and I love eating but I am happier when I have a balance and I eat mindfully.  Tough love isn’t always easy but sometimes we need to be honest with ourselves.  In order to get to a place that we are ready for the truth, we need to do the work on ourselves.  As Ben said, the truth can sometimes challenge what we believe in.  Sometimes with the pressure of raising young kids, we are in survival mode and need to simply exist without being too critical.  To change we need to become more self aware, which is the starting point of achieving our health and fitness goals.  Part of this involves playing to our strengths in terms of how we naturally think.

I love what he says about being selfish, some of you will know that this is a word I have feared, when in fact it’s important to be selfish sometimes. Ben was matter of fact about it saying that he is a selfish person, so he needs a few hours to himself a day (he’s about to become a Dad so I am keeping my fingers crossed for him in terms of his expectations).   I love the fact that he takes this time out.

Ben and I share a love of podcasting and audio books.  The beauty of the world today is that we can learn on the move, whilst driving, travelling, running, walking, cooking, cleaning.  We have become amazing at multitasking.  He shares his top podcasting tips, having recorded over 400 episodes.  We even squeeze in some plant based chat in and the latest research on this.  So jump in and check out Ben Coomber.

Much love and mojo sent to you for an amazing start to 2020, on a path that makes you feel great physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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