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Tips to bring the mojo when it’s cold outside

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I am aware than many struggle with the colder, darker days.  Looking after our overall health, be that physical, mental, emotional and spiritual is important, especially during the winter.  I adore Christmas, it brings me bags of joy.  But I know that it can also be a time that triggers people.  It can be easy to get carried away but I think it’s important we go back to basics.  The festive period is about love and peace.  It’s about spending time with those we care for.  It’s about connecting and having a chat by the fire (I am working on that one, it’s a LONG story but watch this space for some exciting interior transformations for the mojo).  It’s about enjoying delicious food together, my brother’s Brussel sprouts done the right way, my Father in Laws cheesy croquette potatoes and my Mums homemade bread sauce and cranberry sauce still steal the show for me).  The festive period is not about getting yourself into debt or family politics.  So breathe and take a minute to think about the small things you can do to add a little cheer.

Here are some tips –


Get a spray tan for a boost.

Escape the madness for a pamper.  My friends at Chamomile treated me to an amazing spray tan recently.  It gave me such a boost and hey, you don’t always need to get on a plane to get the summer, sun kissed glow.  Find out more here.  

This treatment feels a little more special than your average spray tan as you can have an exfoliation and a lovely warm shower.  Then slip the robe on and pop into the lovely, chilled lounge for an Eteaket tea and some screen free peace.


jojo fraser - spray tan edinburgh jojo fraser -wellness blog

Go for a festive manicure with a friend.

I decided to surprise Bonnie and took her to the stunning nail bar at Chamomile.  She loved it.  For those who have asked, they do kids manicures priced at £10 for a special treat. We are heading back soon for a pedicure together and I am SO excited.  These are the little moments we will both remember.  Her face was priceless when I took her.  It’s great to escape together and do something a bit different that feels special.


Forget the painful Botox and try a new facial like CACI (check out my thoughts in clip above)

I almost got asked for ID in the shop a few days later when buying wine (almost).  I felt fantastic after it and am looking into doing a before and after for a course of 10.  Two birds in one stone, some time to lie and chill and also look after my skin.

Try a new, cosy restaurant 

A huge shout out to The Stockbridge Restaurant, so cosy, home from home with outstanding food. Full review here.  I also love going to the Dome at Christmas.  It’s hard to get a table but that tree takes some beating.  Dishoom never disappoints when it comes to a good curry and great service (cocktails are great too).

I am also a sucker for a hot bath, onesie, fluffy socks, followed by a nice chat by the fire (or some scented festive candles).  Take time to read a good book, go for a drive and listen to an audio-book.  Why not watch a winter sunset and think about what you are thankful from this year.  There is power in that. Either way, be kind to yourself.  Self compassion always.  You got this.





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