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Uncut conversations with Claire from This Little House – do you need a creative outlet?

Jojo Fraser with claire from this little house

It has been a joy getting to know Claire from This Little House in 2019.  We share a love of fun, food, a great margarita and good old chat and of course SINGING.  Boy can this girl sing. She also has a stunning page on Instagram.  It always makes me feel calm when I see it.  I love her images and she shares lots of amazing ideas, I am still to get round to her amazing tip of baking oranges in thin slices for decor and to put in drinks – hello festive cocktails.



Enjoy the video above and you can tune into our fab podcast across all the key channels or RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.  

In short, having a creative outlet is so important for our general wellbeing.  Claire starting her Instagram account as a creative outlet and it has turned into a full time job.  So now she needs another one which is why I have got her singing.  Boy can she sing!  We need to hear more of these wonderful talents in the next decade.  She filled me with joy and tears in my kitchen.  She then asked what I spike in people’s coffee when they come onto the podcast.  I explained it’s called the mojo injection and is a very special ingredient.

Which skills, stories and talents have you been locking away?  Could it be time to share them with the world?  The world needs to see more of you, not less.  I spoke recently about the stories we are told over the years.  So often as children, we are encouraged to think about what we want to become.  Wouldn’t it be great if we asked kids how they wanted to stay instead of what they wanted to become? Claire spoke to me of the times she sang as a child and how much magic that brought up inside her.  I love this.  But it can be easy to forget these talents.  Has the world stopped you singing?  Has it stopped you from doing what you really want to do?  Well guess what?  It is never too late.

We are going into a new decade and it is time to make changes.  I try and avoid the ‘what do you want to become’ chat with my kids and instead encourage them to focus on keeping the magic of their spirits alive.  Kids can teach us so much.  They have special gifts.  My daughter, Bonnie, is currently 7 and she is wise, kind and funny with a beautiful soul. My son has newly turned 5 and he is kind.  He loves to play, create and dance and sing. My kids teach me lots each and every day. They will always be so much more than an ambition to become. Their true beauty will never fade because their huge hearts light up a room. I’m more concerned that the world doesn’t harden them with fear or anger. I want them to continue to focus on having fun.   I know it’s not normal, especially here in the UK, but why not focus on what you love about yourself and others. Imagine the power in that? It’s time to pull a Craig David and walk away from the troubles in your life and find a brighter day. It’s time to embrace your inner child.  That fun loving, kind, fearless spirit is still in there.  So let’s dance and I mean ego free, all in dancing.  Don’t be a stingy dancer, get those hands high.


Thanks to Claire for showing up fully and sharing those amazing talents with the world.  Keep on dancing peeps.  Keep on shining.  I am loving all the lights this Christmas, but we need them going into the New Year too.  Let’s not save the sparkle for December.




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