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Helping Your Kids Through Problems That Nobody Seems To Talk About

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Becoming a Mum changed the way that I looked at the world.  I recognise and appreciate the many challenges facing the modern mum and dad. Magazines, the blogging community, and content creators have covered most of the key topics on the parenting agenda. However, the solutions to some problems are far tougher to find than others. So let’s talk about some of the issues you may have struggled to find support for, along with the solutions that can be embraced when it comes to doing our bit to raise the next generation.  


Number One: Identity Issues

First and foremost, every parent wants their child to be happy. Knowing that they are confident in their skin is a major part of this. As society has shown with greater clarity than ever before in recent times, it’s easier for some than others.  You don’t need to reach the extremes of children feeling misgendered for identity issues to surface. Kids may feel as though they don’t fit in, or that they are letting people down. As a parent, the best thing you can do is unlock what makes your child special, and champions those traits. Self-confidence, or at least assurance, will make a big difference.

Kids need to be themselves. With your guidance, they will. In turn, it should allow them to develop into a far more rounded person.  I spoke about this on BBC radio last week.  We need to encourage kids to act in faith over fear and embrace who they are.  I often tell my kids to focus on what they love about themselves over what they want to become.  


Number Two: Struggles With Number Twos

Every parent knows about the importance of good nutrition and hydration. However, your focus shouldn’t be restricted to what goes in their mouth. It’s equally important to consider what’s coming out of the other end. After all, it can be a telling signal of many health issues.  This is another taboo topic, we joked about this on a recent podcast I was a guest on recently.

Constipation is far more common than you may realise, but a baby stool softener solution can be a life saver. While the consistency of poos can vary greatly from one toddler to the next, you should be vigilant to potential problems. Food allergies and intolerances may be to blame.

Digestive problems impact everything. So don’t be afraid to talk about it. 


Number Three: Being A Bully


As a parent, you’ve probably seen hundreds of blogs about the pre-school nerves. Likewise, you’ll have seen lots of content regarding bullying – at least when your child is on the receiving end. But what about when your child is the perpetrator?

While no parent wants their child to be the victim of bullying, it’s equally crucial to stamp out nasty behaviour. There is a fine line between standing up for themselves and being too dominating. Regular trouble at school with different people could be a sign while poor sleeping habits have been linked to the issue too. Aggression at home is another telltale sign.  If you suspect your child has become a bully, you need to stamp it out ASAP. The longer you leave it, the harder it will get.  Teaching our kids to be kind is one of the most important lessons in my opinion.  


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