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Jump in – Not just a trampoline Park – Birthday Party Giveaway

Jump in trampoline park

Jump in has been one of my mantras for 2019, so when the wonderful team at Jump in trampoline park got in touch, I was all in.  Initially, we were invited to check the venue with friends, to see if it was a place I would like to recommend on the blog. We had a brilliant time and the kids were desperate to go back.  It’s not just a trampoline park.  There is an intense slide (check out the videos), games, activities, balancing beams and lots more.  The Jump in Edinburgh venue then launched a huge softplay on the side of all the trampolines.

Jump in trampoline park

We decided that we wanted to take up the kind offer of having Charlie’s 5th birthday party there and looking back, I am SO GLAD that we did.  I’ll say it again in that sexy Marks & Sparks style – ‘This is not just any trampoline park, so jump in’.
It wasn’t just the kids that had a great time, the adults loved it.  We jumped, we dived and Stef, one of the parents, braved a 10/10 slide.  Wow. We are offering an amazing giveaway – a birthday party for up to 10 people.  To enter like and share this post across your favourite social channels.
Get 20% off, with code MUMMYJOJO for parties booked before 31st of December.  Book here.
If you have a party at jump in, you get access to what they call the ‘VIP’ area upstairs.  This worked great for the grandparents, who wanted a comfy seat, but still wanted to check out all the action.  You get the best view up there.  Some parents wanted to get on with work, so there was space for them to do so.  Others wanted to get involved in the action (keep playing is another keeper of a mantra).  ‘I will keep playing, even when life feels….. hard, sad, dull whatever.  We need to keep playing because that is how we learn and release our creativity.  It’s also a lot more fun than going to the gym (in my opinion).
Between jumping around, playing, diving and running all over the huge softplay, the kids worked up a great appetite.  There are a few party options from snack boxes, hot dogs and pizzas.  We went for the pizza option, which are served in takeaway boxes and the crusts are stuffed with a lovely tomato ragu sauce which I loved.
The kids had a blast and a lot of the parents gave us feedback that it’s the best trampoline park they have been to.  We are always happy to support forward thinking brands that we love.  So, JUMP IN!
Thanks to the team for making Charlie’s 5th birthday one to remember.
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