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Look a little closer – Happy 5th birthday to my little boy

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Look a little closer, to the mundane of the day.  You will then begin to recognise the magic hasn’t gone away.  The labels and stories we carry, ‘help this Mum need’s gin?’ but parenthood can be beautiful, when we start to look within.  Yes, it can be frantic and messy, and any judgement can make you cry, but then one day you will sit in awe of how quickly it all passes by.  A photo or video will transport you back, to those sleep deprived, mad days, but all you will see is love and adventure, on your little child’s face

Look a little closer, let their laugh blow you away.  And when they shout, scream and cry, know that it’s all going to be okay.

Look a little closer, feel the warmth of those precious hands.  Take time to sit and be still for a while, pause from all those plans.

Look a little closer, enjoy that little face, it will grow so fast and each birthday you will feel a little ache.

Look a little closer, today is all we know.  Be still, be calm, be thankful, find faith for tomorrow.

Look a little closer, at all the memories you have made, be proud of what they have taught you. The best lessons will never fade.

Enjoy all your photos and videos, be thankful for music too, they remind us of all that matters and of all that is true.

Through all the battles and struggles, I will hold onto one thing, hope and faith in love, and love will always win.

Happy 5th birthday to my precious little boy Charlie.


I love you.

Mummy Jojo x


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Images by Diana Baker Photography 


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