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Mental health tips for musicians and artists

Mental health for musicians
Last month I recorded a podcast with Laura Williams aka ‘The Secret Inspirer’.  Laura is a belief coach who specialises in supporting people in the entertainment industry to believe in themselves , build resilience to thrive in our chaotic world.  She works with clients across the globe to help them create huge visions and live brighter.

You can tune into our fantastic podcast here:

We also caught up after it, to chat some more. 

Laura Williams The Secret Inspirer

Hi Laura, what a podcast! I absolutely love what you say about giving love back to the community of amazing artists who inspire us and raise our vibration each and every day.  What advice do you give to artists in terms of protecting their mental health in the modern day?
Make space for you. Connect with what you need to fill you up and fuel you every single day. Do this before you do anything else.
Many of my clients have sporadic and unconventional schedules with lots of travelling. I encourage them to find time to do the stuff that fills them up; meditation, stillness, exercise, nourishment, taking inspiration from things outside of music, getting a change in perspective.  And when it really isn’t possible, making sure they’re doing this when it is so they build up a ‘bank of calm’ and resilience to draw on when needed. We also talk about setting clear boundaries for social media and ‘phone time’ … which is brilliant for some things yet fuels the ego and does little for the soul. Creating daily ‘digital free’ time helps clients to create more space to be.
I am of member of the health working group at AFEM (Association for Electronic Music). An amazing collective of people working together to making the industry the safest it can be both physically and mentally.
What is the best piece of advice you ever had?
A few years ago I was talking to a mentor and referred to my outside of work life as ‘real life’. He made a quick suggestion that life is life. Yeah sometimes you ramp up certain parts of you in and out of work but being authentically you in every moment is really important. Authenticity is a key part of what I talk to clients about now. Not being 100% you is seriously energy zapping and people do this for huge chunks of their life, wondering why they don’t feel right. I really believe once we know who are, we are comfortable in our own skin, love who we are and do what we love life can be incredible. This is how each of us are supposed to live and are the fundamentals for being happy.
What makes you happy? 
The freedom to create a life I love makes me hugely happy! Inspiring people to live bigger, music, yoga, running, eating nutritious food, singing, my tribe, all make me massively happy. I’m at my absolute happiest in the sun or the sea manifesting miracles. The amount of time I spend dancing around my kitchen in my pants (Greys Anatomy reference) is always a good barometer for my happiness.

Do you have a favourite quote?

I love Rumi and Deepak Chopra and get tonnes of inspiration from their quotes … “What you seek is seeking you” – Rumi, is a particular favourite. I often say to clients ‘what’s meant for you won’t pass you by’ and this encapsulates this beautifully. It’s a reminder to have faith, everything is going to be great, to trust the process and not rush through life, ‘it’s all happening perfectly’.
What does joy mean to you?
For me joy is a feeling within. A deep feeling of peace, contentment and happiness all rolled into one. Being present, bursting with gratitude for now and excited for whats to come.
Favourite place to go to feel connected with nature?
I live in South East London surrounded by beautiful parks that I go to to feel closer to nature. I’m also lucky my flat is surrounded by trees that I stare at a lot! And when I need a proper recharge I head to Ibiza to swim in the sea and meditate near Es Vedra, a magical mystical rock that re-energises me. I’ve been going there almost 20 years, it’s part of my soul.
I loved your chat on the podcast about the moon.  Can you tell us more about the moon including any key events to look out for and perhaps keep a moon journal?
I could talk about the Moon for days. It takes the Moon 29.5ish days to go from New Moon to New Moon. There are several points within the cycle worth noting but two key ones are the New Moon and Full Moon. You can find out where the Moon is in its cycle super easily online or get yourself a diary with all of the dates and signs in.

The Full moon is the peak of the cycle when you can see it brightly lighting up the sky. We have the most energy at this point yet the least intuition and often find ourselves a little ungrounded and unable to concentrate, I do – I’m often buzzing with ideas at this time and feel super wired like I’ve had 5 coffees. The Full Moon has a habit of shining brightly on all of our shadows and is a great time for acknowledging and releasing what no longer serves us and for letting go.

    • I do a ritual at the Full Moon where I write down;
      • 1) What I want to let go
      • 2) Who I wish to forgive (including me)
      • 3) What I’m grateful for … this combination helps to release what we need to let go of, creating space for all the good stuff and our highest self to shine! (If you can do so safely burn 1 + 2 and release them to the universe).
  • The New Moon is just after the dark moon where you can’t see the moon in the sky (it’s in-between the Earth and the Sun so we’re seeing the ‘dark side’) – we have the least energy here and the most intuition. It’s a great time for slowing down, reflection, meditation, creating new dreams and setting new intentions.
    • I do a ritual at the New Moon where I write down;
      • 1) My wishes
      • 2) What I’m going to do to make them real
      • 3) When – attaching dates to actions makes you more accountable 😉
  • Depending on which sign the Moon is in certain energies are amplified. For example, the Sagittarius New Moon on 26th Nov is all about adventure, self belief and the sense that anything is possible and therefore a great time to dream big, big dreams for what we want 2020 to look and feel like.
I do a post on the New and Full Moon on Instagram (@thesecretinspirer) to remind my followers when to make the most of the magic of the Moon and also run workshops about ‘expediting success by aligning with the powers greater than us’.
I keep all of my New Moon wishes together in a notebook and it’s magical to look back over the months and see what’s happened!
What is your fave moon and why?
I love the New Moon. Time to actively slow down and spend time going within. Disconnecting with the outside world and checking in with your heart, who always has the answers.  A beautiful time where the slate is wiped clean and we can go wild creating a vision for the life we wish to live and be grateful for where we are on our journey so far.
Wow, what an inspirational human.  I had some wonderful feedback about this podcast and I enjoyed it SO much.  I love connecting with people like Laura and am thankful for all the work she does to raise the vibrations of the incredible musicians and artists who do so much for us.  Contact Laura:
Thanks for being here with us and wishing you a mojo filled week.  Get planning, the moon is on fire.
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Jojo Fraser is an award winning author, podcaster and motivational speaker.  She is a speaker coach for TEDx in Cumbernauld this December.  Jojo believes that we are all born to lead.  She has been a mental health researcher for the past 6 years and helps her clients to empower, motivate and uplift the leaders they work with.  She is a regular speaker on BBC Radio, a keen foodie and loves to sing.

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