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Building our Self Esteem with Publicist and Author Adrian Falk

How to believe in yourself with Adrian Falk
I had so much fun with publicist and author Adrian Falk last month, talking about self esteem and all things mojo.  You can tune into the inspirational podcast here.
You can also check out our video chat here.  Adrian kindly took me back to Sydney and I had a fantastic hour with him learning and feeling inspired.

If you prefer blogs to podcasts, then here is a snapshot of mojo from Adrian, author and founder of Believe Advertising and PR.
Adrian, thanks for an amazing podcast.  I loved chatting with you. To sum everything up, what does self esteem mean to you?
Thanks Jojo, I loved my time on the mojo injection.  Self esteem to me is simply being confident knowing who you are and not caring what others think of you.
If only it were that easy though but you give some great tips and I loved hearing your story.  What does true joy mean to you?
Living in the moment and not worrying about the past or the future.
Amen to that, 2019 for me has been hugely about reconnecting with nature and a lot more mindful based living so I love this answer.  I think something many of us struggle with is self control.  Mindful practise sure helps me with this.  How do you deal with anger when you want to explode?
I hit the gym! Exercise is a great way to release endorphins. Otherwise if I can’t go, I would take some deep breaths, get my Young Living Essential oils out and difuse them and also listen to music that I love.
Oh yes, so important!  Give me two of your most magical memories….
When I finally landed a job in NY at the age of 20 and the birth of my kids.
Hats off to you for going for it, having faith in yourself and heading out to New York and making it happen.  As for the kids, becoming a Mum made me feel a whole new level of appreciate for our birthdays.  There is something magical about expriencing a new life come into the world.  It’s hard to put it into words. 
It’s great to see how well your company is doing and that recent party in Sydney looks fab.  Wish I could have been there for it.  So tell me, you wanted perfect abs for your 40th and you made it happen.  Well done, it takes a lot of self control I am sure.  Tell me, what is your fave meal in the whole world?
BBQ’d fish with broccoli, cauliflower and carrots – sounds boring, but I love it!
Well that will sure help with the abs.  I love my veggies and seafood but am also partial to an oozing cheeseboard and a cracking burger or curry with all the nann.  What are your tips to deal with the inner critic?
Take time out for yourself so you can rest your mind.
Exercise! It does wonders for you and those nasty thoughts.
Postivie affirmations
Believe in yourself – even when you think everything is getting out of control, know you can do it
AMEN BROTHER!  Often it can be the days we feel too busy to exercise that we need it the most.  Time out is so important too so that we come back stronger.  I love my holidays and screen detoxes and am feeling a lot better after slowing down this week and enjoying the October break.  So let’s get deeper.  Do you believe we have a soul?
Our soul is what drives us, makes us fall in love and makes us be the person we are. Without it, we would all be the same, which would be pretty boring.
I love this answer.  Thank you Adrian, stay fabulous and keep in touch.  I can’t wait to get back to Australia some day.
Well done on the launch of your book. I love the message that we should start TODAY.  Why delay?

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