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My first ever COMCIT Deluxe Facial

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I was recently invited to check out the COMCIT Deluxe Facial at the super chilled and chic Chamomile Sanctuary in Edinburgh.  I had heard that COMCIT involves needles so was a little nervous, although was aware that the needles are tiny and certainly not big enough to draw blood.  Otherwise I would be asking for a massage instead!

COMCIT stands for:

Cryo, Oxygen, Microchanelling, Collagen, Induction, Therapy

When it comes to facials, I usually book them for a mix of relaxation, pamper and results.  A nice glowing face is always satisfying and I find my skin can become quite dehydrated as the colder weather kicks in.  The COMCIT is purely about results, although lying down and detoxing from the screen or noisy kids is always good for the soul.

The Cryo-Oxygen machine used during the facial filters the toxins out of the air, and passes the 93% pure oxygen through a freezer to create freezing cold oxygen to act as a “numbing agent”, and prepare the skin for the needles; this has an antibacterial effect; to distract from the needling sensation. Used after the micro-needling, it calms redness, plumps, and encourages deeper penetration of the chosen serum.

Needle lengths varying between 0.25mm and 1.00mm.  I was brave with it being my first time and went for the 0.75mm.  It was a strange sensation but satifying at the same time, knowing that Sarah, who did a great job, was going deep into my skin and working her magic.  The 0.25mm is used in the Chamomile special ‘Red Carpet Ready’ facial – h20 Glow.  This allows maximum penetration of products, to give the skin a glow without any redness immediately after. 0.5mm and above gets to the dermis which is where collagen/elastin is produced. The skin thinks it’s being attacked and therefore produces collagen as protection (the team like to call this ‘controlled damage’). This also increases cell turnover rapidly. The facial has an anti-ageing effect and a long term, deeper effect on deep lines, pigmentation, acne scars, texture and dehydrated skin.

Now let’s talk about the serum. The therapist can choose between salicylic acid for acne-prone skin; vitamin c serum for pigmented/dull skin and hyaluronic acid for dull/dehydrated skin.

For my skin Sarah cleansed, exfoliated and carried out a skin analysis.  She then used hyaluronic acid serum with the Cryo-Oxygen to act as a “numbing agent”, and prepare the skin for the needles; to have an antibacterial effect.  My skin was then infused with hyaluronic acid during the microneedling with a 0.75mm needle.  It felt like getting a very gentle tattoo on my face, a little bit of a scratch but nothing too scary.  More hyaluronic acid was used for the post-needling Cryo-Oxygen which calms redness, plumps, and encourages deeper penetration of the chosen serum.  I then received a luxurious Super Repair Mask with lavender and Moringa oil to nourish and repair the skin.  This felt and smelt amazing.  My face was then applied with Skin Brightening Complex (vitamin c), Hydracell moisturiser (plant stem cells and lavender), SPF 40 Protect & Repair.

My skin looked and felt amazing after the treatment and although it wasn’t as relaxing as I would normally go for, the results were super satifying.  You need to be careful following the treatment if you are going to be outside in the sun.  Make sure you wear an SPF and follow the aftercare.  I got a pleasant surprise each time I looked in the mirror, it was like being a teenager all over again.  I did notice a massive difference.

If you would like to treat yourself to one of the amazing facials at Chamomile you can make use of the following offers  –

Crystal Clear Frozen facial (55 mins) £95 or £475 for a course of 6

H20 Glow Facial – £85

You can have a one-off treatment or a course of 6 recommended every 2 weeks – you can then continue or move onto once a month maintenance.



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