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5 Simple Ironing Tips To Make Life Easier

ironing tips for busy parents

Let’s face it ironing isn’t really that fun.  Lucky for me, my Hubs enjoys doing it and thinks he is much better at it.  What can I say?  It’s great to delegate to those who are blessed. There will be some of you who find housework therapeutic, but perhaps more of you that just want to get the job done fast.  Less cleaning, more dreaming is my mantra.  For those times when your ironing load has really piled up, let’s take a look at some of the simple tricks you can use to make life easier.  I have two kids in school now so the pressure is higher, plus I do like a crisp white shirt from time to time with a pair of jeans.


Vinegar tips 

We’ve all been there when you accidentally ruin your favourite garment.  One of the easy things that you can do to fix a scorch stain is to use white vinegar. You only need to use a small amount and you’ll make those stains disappear.  Even if you’re the best ironer, it’s easy to make mistakes, but with a little bit of vinegar, you don’t need to worry. You’ll probably have some around the house, so it’s a cheap solution too. 

Inside out 

When you’re ironing your clothes, it’s best to iron inside-out. Doing so will ensure that you don’t get that sheen on your dark colours.  Also, if you do get any stains- it’s better if they can’t be seen.  Simple practices like ironing inside-out can keep your clothes looking fab. The best dark clothes can be ruined with one ironing session; to keep yours looking lovely, it’s best to go inside out. Depending on which item you are ironing, you’ll use different techniques. If you’re wondering about the right way to iron pants, it’s best to start with the waistband and pockets before making a crease in the legs. 


Hang it up 

When you’ve taken the time to iron- you’re pretty invested in the results.  My hubs sure is. There’s no point slaving away only to let your items get creased again. If you want to keep your clothes looking lovely, the best thing is to hang them up straight away. Keep some hangers close by when you are ironing to make things that little bit easier. Equip yourself with enough hangers, and you’ll keep your clothes looking great.  When you lead a busy lifestyle you won’t want to waste any time. 


Damp iron your cottons 

 If you have any items that are 100% cotton, it’s much easier to iron them while they are still damp. When it comes to cotton, the creases can be pretty hard to iron. The heat from the iron will produce steam when it makes contact with the water. The process helps rid you of those creases. Remember to go gently when ironing cotton; you won’t want to lose that soft feel.


Clean that iron 

If you don’t clean your iron correctly, you’ll only end up with marks on your clothes. Many people don’t know that you’re supposed to clean your irons regularly to ensure maximum performance. You can do so using some bicarbonate soda to keep everything ship-shape. 

Chores can be pretty boring, but they just have to be done, unless you are happy to get a cleaner.  Hopefully some of these ironing tips should help save you a bit of time and bother.  Investing in a larger ironing board is beneficial to help you iron everything easily and correctly. 

Good luck.  Jojo x




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